David Banner To Speak on 1992 L.A. Riots At Harvard University

David Banner will be one of panelists at The LA Riots: Twenty Years Later Conference taking place at Harvard University on April 27 & 28.

The rapper/producer will join leading scholars, activists and artists to take part in a discussion about the events that took place 20 years ago and what lasting affects the 1992 riots have had.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to speak at Harvard…it is vital that we talk about what we can do to better ourselves and our communities; now and for the next 20 years,” Banner said in a press release sent to XXL. “The people of America, especially our youth, have the power to be heard; to change legislation and positively impact our culture for generations to come.”

The conference will “combine a critical retrospective examination of the uprising with reflections on democracy and inequity today, a time of economic crisis and revolution in much of the world.”

Always a voice for the people, Banner came to the forefront as one of the most outspoken rappers in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting and the issue of racial profiling in America.

“What I want everyone in America to realize is that no matter what we teach our kids about being safe, if it’s a flawed system, then there’s nothing our children can do,” the Mississippi MC recently told 106 & Park. “We have to change the system.

“How many times does this have to happen before we realize, we can march, we can sing, we can make songs?” Banner continued. “No. We have to do something that means something so this will never happen to another child again.”
—Nicholas Sella

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  • the informer

    I swear this guy is one of the biggest hypocrites in HIp Hop!! He gets on the national forefront & talks this & talks that but hasn’t done anything but talk (for the cameras).. This guy is from Jackson,MS one of the most crime trodden cities in the nation & never comes back to do anything… If you think im lying google the city & check the murder statistics, as well as the other negative shortcomings… No im not blaming Banner or even saying that he could eliminate the problems, but i feel that before you talk about somebody else’s problems (other regions of the nation) that you should put that same effort into your own city or community! Banner was so quick to preach on BET when it came down the the Trayvon incident; but what about (JAMES CRAIG ANDERSON) yes people please google this name… This man was beaten, robbed, then run over by a group of young whites who later yelled white power… No people this didnt happen during the 60s or 70s this took place last year 2011 rite in Jackson,MS David Banner’s hometown but weve yet to hear anything from this guy, but he can go to Harvard & monkey shine…. Seriously i just dont get it! Banner stop talkn bout you mississippi this & you mississippi that when you’re really not for the cause! Outsiders only see a very small picture…..

    • Edward Bernays

      Really, Banner has given back to Mississippi and other regions of the US. Just because you cannot find it on Google doesn’t mean he hasn’t done anything. The Anderson incident was a tragedy, but those people were found and arrested. Banner did go on TV and discuss the meaning of the incident and what does it mean for race relations in the south.
      If he “never comes back to do anything”, what do you suggest he do? Have you done anything that he has not? I live in Mississippi, graduated from MSU; I’ve met Banner and talked to him before. Essentially, you are blaming him for any race problems in the state. Instead of bashing the man, why don’t you help him and others try to change the laws and stop voting for ones that will keep things like the Trayvon incident to occur again. Money doesn’t change laws. People do. Entertainers don’t stop crime rates from rising. The citizens (gangstas and thugs included) stop crime from rising.
      So unless you, yourself are doing anything to keep another Anderson or Trayvon incident from happening then maybe you shouldn’t say anything. And yeah, I am working to help better the community that I stay in for every color so don’t respond and ask if I am.

    • stuckfresh

      I must say you sound fucking stupid if you think Banner can stop the problems in Jacktown thats been going on for 35 years or more. I was born in Jackson westside to be exact and David Banner can never stop the problems in Jackson. Its the people and the lack of real jobs!

  • francis nasim

    ah my main man the incredible david-cutta-ready for that demo chad? hey i appreciate the visit wit sway at the telly and im just about nas’ed up so rep solja and lets get this money.ask diddy about em’-tell diddy quit califorinicatin’-hell he been to frisco more than me an i was born there-diddy trust me i am not a place for your children-quit all the silly antics i said my daughter got a crush on you now

  • the informer

    People i never said that Banner being one man could stop the violence… Come on now that would be impossible.. All im saying is that calling attention nationally by Banner would be a Start… I mean when does Banner give his city of Jackson a free concert or when does he ever come back (being visable).. Perfect example youth football leauges, benefits, talent shows, or just anything other than just when the national cameras come around… The proof is in the actions.. Harvard is fine with or without David Banner, but Jackson, MS is hurting without some help from Banner.. & @ stuckfresh im from MS too but i actually feel that we can do better & not be stuck in that this is what we have so we have to settle, since its been like that for 35 years.