50 Cent Lays Claim to Young Buck’s Recordings

50 Cent is laying claim to Young Buck’s compositions and recordings, according to the Wall Street Journal.

’Fif is not cool with a recent motion to sell Buck’s intellectual property in a bid to pay off his creditors. That’s because 50, who signed Buck to his G-Unit Records back in 2004, says he made still a standing recording agreement that covers all of the Cashville, Tennessee MC’s intellectual property.

The Wall Street Journal goes on to report that 50’s attorneys are asking a bankruptcy judge to block the sale until they can work out just what Young Buck is and isn’t allowed to sell.

“The creditors are left with no choice but to file this opposition to ensure that the trustee is not seeking to adversely affect the creditors’ rights in assets that they own, or in which they have rights and interests,” 50 Cent’s attorneys wrote in court papers recently signed. “Thus, all compositions created by the debtor have already been irrevocably conveyed to Jackson (and Universal), and G-Unit retains irrevocable rights of ‘every kind and nature,’ including to rights to royalties, copyrights, to renew/extend copyrights and to causes of action,” attorneys wrote.

’Fif has long maintained that his label owns 100% of all rights of recordings that Buck did for G-Unit.

Earlier this month, Buck told DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45 that he’d be willing to rejoin the Unit, offering, “It’s been a long time since I had any type of conversation with Banks, Yayo, 50… anybody, really through that camp, it’s been a long time,” said Buck during a call to the station. “My thing is I will say, at the end of the day, we’ve made history and I would never consider not taking the chance to make history again if given the chance.”—Jakinder Singh

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    50 is a low down ruthless prick..However, that’s what it takes to be a successful rich business man…young buck starving man, let him eat at least, yes he messed up..Yes he dissed you, but does he have to pay with it for the rest of his life?? BEG FOR MERCY was only an album title, don’t take it too literally…What goes around comes around, thats what you got to worry about 50..KARMA biotch..

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      I guess as the saying goes, relentless people become rich relentless people later in life.

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Buck is a sucker. Dumb southern dude got slicked by a northern street hustler…BIG Dummy-All of your recordings Buck? So, you signed your career/art over to some dude becasue he gave you a G-UNIT chain? Really? I guess you got gorrilla’d. That’s part of the reason Game left. Music Business 101, own the rights to your music,copyrights,music compositions,masters,session recordings,audio clips,logo,company,likeness and most of all your manhood.

  • Nocturnal

    Man… You be so on point with It!!! Its so rare that I find someone who I agree with all the time… but you be telling the truth…. 50 pretty much did to him what other labels have been doing for years…. Keeping the masters… and rights.. while the rapper stays broke….. now buck aint got no money, no royalties, no publishing… nothing…. Game was the smartest one he got out… now buck tryna save face to get some money… It just aint right… but Live and learn….

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      Exactly! You would think artist learn from those that have suffered before them that have actually warned others, but in the chase for fame and a buzz you sell everything that you worked for to get to that moment. Now he has absolutly nothing, even the I.R.S. Seized his studio equipment! C’mon Son! That take your protools MBOX, plug ins, Condensor mic, preamps and leave you with some cables and blank CD’s…Dayum. Yeah, most def we should start our own site and call it “I told you so”! Lol! (I’m copywriting that now before someone get’s an idea that’s not theirs)

  • Nocturnal

    Us 3 need a hip hop news segment…..

  • keator

    50 did the same thing Puff did to big.. Why you think you still hear Big verses on wack ass Puff albums.

  • koo

    50 wants to feed africas kids , but what about buck n his crew .what made Gunit numbero uno. Thats why I dont support his stuff no more his fake ass b…..

    • Decaturb ATL BOI

      Actually, G Unit is just a name now, they are not a force in the industry, no one is checking for them and Game destroyed their rep. Everytime I hear Loyd, I can’t help but hearing game call him oscar the grouch on 300 bars N Runnin…

      And it goes like this…

      “You wanna rhyme like Lloyd Banks repeat after me
      I’m a G-Unit toy soldier
      On Sesame street doing voice overs
      Bitch azz ni**a need a rhyme dictionary, to rehearse his lines
      Sound like Oscar the Grouch, with them nursery rhymes
      We was in the studio, when I first got signed
      He got stuck, he called 50 tryna borrow some lines
      That’s the wrong nigga, when you need help with your rhymes
      All he gon’ tell you is say G-Unit one more time
      Got mad cuz I ain’t wanna make your beef mine
      You got lucky with Ja, why you ain’t go at Shyne?”

  • Gerald

    all yall need to go to Itunes and download REDMIC….she’s a dope up and coming emcee but I do agree with the comments the industry is 95% business and jay, diddy and 50 understood that from day one….oh and Game is still the illest him and Joe Budden need a track together

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      @ Gerald, why do we need to go to iTunes and download REDMIC? Is that your artist that you are managing or producing?

  • Gerald

    no I just came across her song on twitter…I thought it was spam but the shit is actually a dope record….and she’s from yo city nigga..

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      @ Gerald, before you call me the N word again, check yourself lil homie. You can’t hide behind your IP address for too long. The N word is either used by people that have a limited vocabulary or that are dumb as a box of rocks. Dead that. AND, just because she’s from the “A” am I supposed to magically know her? Do you know how many people live here that are artist? It’s 1,500 new songs a week from folk in the “A”.

  • Gerald

    then dont check it out…plain and fucking simple I will tell other people about her. Anybody else that appreciates hip hop check out REDMIC on itunes

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      OR, anybody that doesn’t appreciate Hip Hop, check her out… Wendy’s is hiring.

  • jamezzz

    Just checked out REDMIC – she sucks dude.

    Jim Jones mama rap better than her.

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      Yeah, I did too…It actually ruined my day. Thanks Gerald, you won.

  • holyschnikees

    Yo Jamezzzzz thas hilarious….Jim Jones mama rappin – haehAE (jadakiss laugh)

  • http://twitter.com/Jallanofficial Jack

    Well can’t really blame 50 for maximizing his profits or playing hardball. That it why it is important to not sign your life away or to hire a good lawyer to tell you that your music contract is complete trash. In the end, Buck bent over so he got _____.

  • 6661irrelevant

    All of ya’ll on Games Dick BAD!!!! He’s getting robbed as much as Young Buck. 50 said it once while the “Beef” was going on. But Game, his management (Czar) & attorneys made sure to stop 50 from saying or publishing anything about their agreement. Quoting 50 “Im Gonna Be Eating Off This Nigga’s Next 3 Albums.” This was in 2006. When Game was on top with Doctor’s Advocate. So that would make F.I.V.E. the completion of that agreement. And Game is FREE from his contract & Interscope. By the way didnt Game make a plea for a G-Unit reunion as well. By the way G-Unit is a force to be respected. I bet when ya’ll sucking down a Vitamin Water you are not saying anything. Yep G-Unit product. How about Street King. 50 just said fuck the music industry. Ill get my money elsewhere.

  • fgrgh

    u mofo bitch 50 cent fake as rick ross i hope nas destroys him or sum 1 else rakim or summat

  • Ninja Boi

    Why does it surprise ya’ll that a man who sold dope, shot niggas and fucked up like a million rap careers before he made it to millionaire status is ruthless? … Just saying it’s kinda obvious..

  • TOD

    young buck fucked up his career. he crashed on that motorcycle and then he cried on the phone wit fif. smh