XXcLusive: Shyne Talks Officially Squashing Beef With Diddy in Paris

After taking time to reflect, Shyne is talking about he and Diddy’s recent reconciliation in Paris.

In an exclusive statement sent to XXLMag.com, Shyne said the truce between he and Diddy last week during Fashion Week in Paris was more than just a victory for hip-hop. The rapper, who changed his name to Moses Michael Levi in honor of his Jewish heritage, says the pact allowed he and Diddy to potentially avoid the beef to escalate and has positive ramifications on young Black and Latin American men.

“You can’t overstate the cultural significance of what Shyne and Diddy reconciling means,” Shyne wrote. “You know I’m about it when it comes to them hammers, thus unfortunately this could have ended like Tupac and B.I.G. But what if Tupac and B.I.G ended like this and reconciled?

“Let’s celebrate this moment as a historical event and a victory for hip-hop and Afro and Latin American men trained to exterminate each other,” he added. “It’s a new day! L’chaim!!!”

As he touched on, Shyne believes young Black and Latino youth can learn a thing or two from Diddy and him squashing their beef.

“On a scale of what this says to African and Latin American men, who have been trained to self hate and to self-destruct, this is a watershed moment,” the proud rapper continued. “The paradigm shift that’s taking place as the way Afro and Latin American men deal with each other is tremendous. This could be a gigantic step in putting an end to the cycle of hate and violence that is self-genocidal and destroying the minority community by sending fathers off to jail or an early grave.”

Shyne and Diddy’s original fallout stems back from Po serving a prison sentence from 2001-2009 for his role in a 1999 shooting at Club New York, where Diddy and his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, were ringing in the 2000 New Year.

Over the years, though, Shyne began to soften his angst and overall stance toward Diddy and then this past January, when Shyne revealed to MTV News that he and Diddy squashed their longtime beef via a phone call and planned to meet face-to-face in Paris.

Well, the former partners-in-rhyme made good on those plans several days ago, as they sat side-by-side in Paris during Fashion Week. Diddy captured the moment in an Instagram picture, even tweeting, “Me and Shyne Po front row at Kenzo #ParisIsBurning RT to da world!!!!!”—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • big cat laflair

    Shyne needs a mental evaluation seriously… What BEEF?? Shyne u have to be a somebody in order to be involved in a BEEF…. Comparing their situation to Big & Pac is crazy.. Shyne u garbage bruh, your brief time has come & passed… (Now a Shyne, Loon,& Craig Mack complilation album would be fire… LOL) The Title would be A WEAK MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE……….

    • KILLAH D


    • http://og.com brooklyn

      shyne lived a life you blogg creeps couldn’t survive for a day. if shyne was a weak coward like some of you blogg creeps he would’ve told on diddy & not spent one day in prison. but he is a certified gangster. bow down

      • Fuck Shyne

        whut do u mean by ”he could told on Diddy”? Shyne bust his gun in da club and shot a women. So what’s is there to tell on Diddy? He was a ecape goat for Puffy and pimped him. This ain’t no beef, but a nigga thinkin’ he wild tryin’ to bust his gun for Diddy. In real life though, nobody like Shyne will even try and tak to Diddy, cus he miss used him. Now Diddy was and still on top of his game and have millions, plus Shyne needs help, so ofcause he would do anything to still make friends with Puffy. This ain’t no beef to me. Puffy is a businessman and make people think it’s about friendship, but actually he just gonna fuck you up. So understand, Shyne didn’t go to prison, cus of Diddy. He got caught with a gun in da club and not Diddy. So there’s nothin’ to snitch on. what you espect Shyne to snitch on Diddy. Who was the one with the gun????

    • donaldBABYDbridger

      youre clearly 12 years old. shynes an OG, respect

  • http://skyblue.com killacryp

    yo p***y cat laflair, kill ya self, shyne po put in mad work. he was’nt spraying water guns in the club that night. he shot a real brooklyn killer that was getting ready to pop puffy head off. the other kid that was beefing, scar is dead now. shyne been official fyi both shyne albums went platinum dum dum. classic brooklyn ganster!

  • http://screts.com harvard

    we should all be happy that shyne & diddy are setting positive examples for young afro & latin american men who fill up most of the state & federal prison systems because all they know is violence. thank Heavens for brothers showing love.

  • Yelloboy74

    That’s a positive note on this whole situation. This generation is so stuck with violence, and ignorance to the point that is the only thing that makes their day. I don’t care how long it has been since this situation with Shyne and Diddy, that situation happened and its true he put in work. To me that’s loyalty, some of you cats don’t even know what that is. Im not from Brooklyn but have mad respect for yall up there. Love it there in Brooklyn. True struggle true grind.

    • land lord

      Co-sign!! Props to Diddy & Shyne Po for being REAL MEN!!!

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  • http://xxlmag.com Live1ne

    I agree Shyne is certified in the streets but in my opinion him squashing this beef with Puff is rooted in his desire to get paid point blank period. All that he’s setting an example for the culture is a bunch of bullshit lol. A real nigga who’s been in the streets as deep as Shyne has will do damn near anything to survive so if that means he has to go against his own morals and principles to get money so be it. I ain’t even mad at him. Shyne’s using Puff and Puff’s using Shyne. . .simple. Think about it if Shyne has Puff’s connections in the biz at his disposal he can’t lose regardless if his material doesn’t warrant getting the light of day. The game is all political.

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  • Big Cat Laflair

    So yall wanna b gangstas call it gangsta by shooting the club up full of innocent people??? Get Real.. I call it lame & weak.. I guess he was intending to shoot the bystanders too… If this is called getting your stripes im GOOD… Where im from thats what KIDS do cause they dont know any better or think they gettin stripes for that coward ass shit… I swear we as a people glorify the wrong things!!! & bottom line if this has been wasnt broke he wouldnt have anything to do wit Diddy.. Hopefully he got threw a few crumbs…

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  • jewishaffiliate

    THe beef is when shyne potentially saved Diddys life and diddy detached himself from the situation by siding with the club security and DA… Shyne did serious time for being a real dude, and now hes on some other shit. SO what if u dont get it, move the fuck around, get the fuck on, do what u do and hate on the next person u think is as weak as u

  • http://Aol Prety gyal

    Y’all are so Ignorat..sm of u dat is talking don’t even know wat really went down Shyne could hv snitch on everyone dat was involved in dat club brawl dat infamous nite. So shut de F up…an go read so that u guys can b articulate like Shyne…peace….

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  • kayko

    most of u guys dont know ishh! its not shyne alone dat bust his gun,,n da bullet dat hit dat woman face wasnt from his gun, they say he shot in the air.. anoda thing da guy is not aroun his peeps in order to generate da right vibe fa da right music,,he’s in a diff world adjustin n grabbin wadeva inspiration he can.. u think ppl jus make music easy like that?? lol ..AND IM STILL WAITING ON THE ROLLER SONG VIDEO!! And shyne if u releasing a album nex month hopefully u mean it!! and you havent dropped any singles yet!!? wat are you waiting for!! Gaaaadd!! give us fans a little enlightment n hope man! u been out for a bit now!!