Update: Tyga’s Tour Bus Shot at After Nebraska Show, Cancels Show

Shots were fired at Tyga’s tour bus last night (March 19) following a performance in Omaha, Nebraska.

During his performance, Tyga was thrown an unidentified object while a stage, to which the Young Money rapper responded by yelling at a concertgoer, “meet me outside.” The incident was caught on video someone else in attendance.

Following the concert, shots were fired from a black Ford Taurus at the rapper’s tour bus as Tyga and his band members boarded. The car continued to follow the bus for a few blocks and more shots were fired leaving two on board injured, according to KETV 7 in Omaha.

“Two people inside were hit by gunfire — a female was hit in the arm, and a male party had a graze wound to his left hip,” said Lt. David Sedlecek. “The injuries are non-life-threatening.”

It was later revealed that Honey Cocaine, Tyga’s female protégé, was the female who was injured as she took to Twitter to give fans an update on her condition. “Got shot and I’m not dead. #LiveLifeAndGod,” she wrote.

Tyga also took to Twitter, partially taking blame for the incident.

“Shit happens and as a Man I deal with those decisions I make…,” he tweeted, followed with, “Let’s be clear them was haters not fans. My fans love me I love them.”

No arrests have been made as of press time but Tyga has decided to postpone his show tonight, March 20, at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO.

He tweeted, “Postponing Denver show tonight. Rather give yall the best at my best. #CarelessWorldTour.”

No word yet if any other shows on his Careless World tour will be affected.
—Nicholas Sella @NickSella

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  • http://xxlmag.com Live1ne

    These dudes better stop acting like what they’re not before somebody kills them. . .seriously.

    • wheel Chair Jimmy

      co-sign. best bit’s when he’s all gassed over his fans, starts screaming and shouting and his dj press the “gunshot button” like “NOW IT’S ON” swear he all forgot dt his chain got taken real easy. i’m don’t pray that fake gansters get exposed i really don’t care what happens, i do know being a millionaire (or soon to be) and getting shot over some punk who put money in ur pocket when he bought a ticket is a bitch move.

    • TruthBeTold

      see live1ne thats fucking bullshit. tyga as a mutha fuckin person can act however he want to ‘act’ , he wasn’t doin shit, theys be throwin bottles an shit an he didnt say shit. they threw that second one thats when he got gassed and retaliated like a MAN. if i were him i woulda murked those pussy hatin bitches.

  • Da_Kid

    hmm i cant see the purpose of throwing tings on the artist’s at concerts…. some people dont know shit about respect….

  • http://xxlmag.com Live1ne

    Let me clarify what I meant TruthBeTold. Tyga could’ve handled it however he saw fit but all that “See me outside” shit he was talking is inviting what happened understand? You can never underestimate what somebody will do to prove their point especially a hater u dig? What he did by inviting the “hater” to see him outside knowing he wasn’t ready to die behind it, is called faking where I’m from.

    • datboi_TJ

      You right homie, tyga fucked up for tellin’ ol’ dude to meet him outside if he wasn’t strapped n neither was his boys. If ur really from the fuckin’ hood He should already knew what was about to go down once u call a nigga out like that.

      He basically brought a knife to a gunfight, and lost pretty damn bad.

  • fuckboys

    Man for a person to go and shoot at someone who is not threating your life makes them a bitch ass coward bum ass nobody fucking faggot!! Tyga said meet me outside meaning with the hands!! What goes around comes around and thats 100!! Them niggas who did that will get theirs!! KNOW THAT!! Black people are fucking sad!!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    This is perfect… I was strolling through Omaha last night with a bad bitch in the passenger and the bad bitch’s younger sister and her best friend in the back of the Challenger when I came across Tyga’s tour bus. I just picked up a Mac-10 earlier that morning and had been itching to shoot something or someone. I let the Mac rip a full magazine at that nigga’s mug plastered all over the side of the bus, blew out some windows, flattened a tire and even caused an electrical fire on the inside. But the best part? They blamed it on some bitch ass niggas that was throwing their empty Smirnoff bottles on the stage earlier in the night. Word is I grazed a weed carrier and some worthless Asian side-bitch, but it’s all good, they think I’m driving a Taurus…

    Herbz’ swag can’t fit in a Taurus–true story; case closed, word to Cochran…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • jc

      hahahahahaha. i knew “somebody” was gonna put this lame ass shit on here. wack ass fake ppl.

    • Tyga

      bitch ima fuck yo bitch ass up! u shot my bitch and my weed man and fucked my tour bus up you dick!

  • Enlightened

    1, 2 meet me outside, meet me outside…

    As was pointed out earlier. Real niggas don’t say shit like that unless they mean it. He played with a lot of people’s lives with that fake tough guy shit. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.

  • http://xxl armandoking

    why didnt tyga shoot back lol?

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Om Sag

    They had to hate on him bcoz they not doing what his doing – that happens when u NV

  • TygaYMCMB

    Man fuck dude I’m still on tour getting money.

  • Ashley414

    Ok Like First Off I Yu A Hood Ass Nikka Why The Fuk Yu Shootin A Tour Bus Wit MF’ers That Ant Did Shyt To Yu But Brought Yo Bum Ass Nothing But Good Music To Play On Yah Bitch Ass Am Radio! Im Glad Ant no Shyt Like This Popped Off When He Was In My City Cuz It Woulda Went Down More Smoover Den Dat! Man MF’ers Ant Got No Damm Respect These Day!