Tyga called in to LA’s Power 106 to speak on the shooting that occurred at his concert in Omaha, Nebraska on Monday (March 19). The “Rack City” MC gave host Yesi Ortiz his side of the story, saying the incident was caused by his refusal to let a local act open for him.

“It was some people that were supposed to perform,” explained Tyga. “Like some local opening acts and I told ‘em they couldn’t perform because it’s a tour, I don’t want no local opening acts performing. That’s what y’all seen on YouTube.”

The Young Money rapper was referring to YouTube footage that surfaced after the concert, which showed him screaming into the crowd after having debris thrown on stage during his set. After confronting the culprits with an expletive-laden rant, Tyga invited them to “meet me outside” as his DJ played gunshot sound effects over the sound system.

“On some real shit, you can meet me outside,” yelled Tyga from the stage. “I’ma do this one more motherfuckin song for my fans and then I’ma go outside,” he said before launching into his Billboard smash “Rack City.”

The police report states that a black four-door sedan followed Tyga’s tour van as it pulled away from the venue. Officers observed several bullet holes in the van but only two members of the “Careless World” MCs crew were struck. Female MC Honey Cocaine was hit in the arm and taken to Creighton University Medical Center. The second victim was Derrick Lowe, who was grazed in the hip and refused medical treatment at the scene.

Tyga assured Ortiz that Honey Cocaine was OK and their tour would continue as planned.

“We got a show tonight in Albuquerque, so we on our way there now,” said the “Careless World” MC. —Calvin Stovall