Rick Ross Wins Court Case Over Freeway Ricky Ross

Rick Ross has a great reason to bellow his “hunngh” grunt now. That’s because he’s going to be able to keep his name.

TMZ reported that on Thursday (March 29), a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge dismissed a suit filed by former drug dealer “Freeway” Rick Ross, who tried to claim ownership of the name. “Freeway” Rick Ross was trying to take sole ownership of the name and stop the Bawse from using it, but that didn’t work.

Thursday’s court ruling signals a big victory for Ricky Rozay, who had to give a deposition in a Miami court back in early February on why he should own the trademark of the moniker Rick Ross.

This comes after “Freeway” Rick Ross filed a $10 million lawsuit against the rapper in May 2010, accusing him of profiting off of his name illegally. However, a judge ruled that “Freeway” couldn’t sue because of his criminal rap sheet and that case was subsequently dismissed in Federal Court in November 2010.

“Freeway” Rick later appealed the decision in a state court, dragging out the case until Thursday’s decision.

Currently on a European tour, Rozay didn’t immediately acknowledge Thursday’s victorious court ruling via his Twitter account. However, Ross has been enjoying a solid year thus far.

After suffering two separate seizures last October, the Bawse started this year off on a solid start with the release of his Rich Forever mixtape, which featured the likes of Nas, Diddy, 2 Chainz and his MMG family Meek Mill and Wale.

He’s kept his sound bubbling via guest appearances, ranging from the likes of Nicki Minaj to Game.—Jakinder Singh

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  • atown don

    Now finally hopefully that whole petty situation is done… Nobody really cares bout a name anyway… We listen for the product(the music) anyway who cares bout a name… Sounds like Freeway shouldve been saving some of that crack $$ if ya ask me…

    • CaponeMOB

      SMH @ ” atown don”and future pro Rick Ross commentators.
      what the fuck you mean its just a name? if its just a name then why the former correctional officer dint just show respect and changed it to Rick Rozay? ” atown don” you gotta change yo lame name you aint no don nigga, if you ridin with a correctional officer and not the Real former King Pin freeway. dude was lock up for decades puttin in work in them streets thru blood sweat and tears freeway built his name and Rep,so only decades later some Fat correctional officer
      could use his name in disdain? on top of that, he aint representing freeway’s name in a good light with him being top 3 fakest rapper ever. fuck outta here,Freeway is good with $$$ dude got buisiness investments,he got a truck company and a Record Label,he aint suing cause he needs Gwap,he sueing for the principle lil nigga,Freeway dint like the fact that some Fat Fake correctional officer the same people freeway had to put up with for decades in prison taking his life and turning it into some Hip-Hip cartoon (50 cent any one?) you niggaz that are ridin with fake Rick Ross are some poor misguided fucks,beileiving the Bullshit Rozay says in his rap’s SMH. Fake rappers got you niggaz Brainwashed,and the sad part you niggaz arent even teens you niggaz are grown men beileiving the Bullshit these niggaz say in they raps.

      why you think rozay dint even celebrate his victory over twitter or what ever? cause the nigga is ashamed,Real street niggaz aint Feeling that bullshit.

      and to all niggaz that say im a hater for pointing out Facts,go eat a dick with aids on it. you fake marks.

      • mistah dub

        thank you for this fuck officer william i completely agree with you i support the real man since now he is rebuilding schools and changing his ways for the youth what has this fat cop every done for the community lie and say that sellin drugs is fun its just sad

      • $nake

        Well said Capone…

      • snick

        question for you caponemob. Is your real name Capone? Do you desire to be a gangster? Al Capone was the real Capone and he died in the 40s and Im sure you are not in the mob. This makes you just as bad as Rick Ross.

        • CaponeMOB

          @ snick well first off “snick” you dont know shit about these windy city streets lil nigga,street gangs in chicago are Called MOBS,its not from the italian mafias you dumb nigga,and me adding the capone name to my screen name dont mean shit,i know all about the chicago outfit history,Tony Accordo,sam guiacana..ect i dont live too far were all the mob history is at.
          im not a correctional officer makin a living outta of the capone name dumb bitch. and thats just how much info i could give you on the net,cause im not a fake NET Thug.

  • landon816

    Rick Ross is a complete joke smfh

  • dallas, tx

    crimemob your and idiot. its just music man STFU!!!!

    • CaponeMOB

      i already adressed niggaz like you “dallas, tx” im only replying
      to you cause my name is CaponeMOB not crimemob..SMH cant even READ right nigga no wonder you dint get my message…SMH

  • golden age of rap

    SMH @ the times…

  • kevin

    yall niggas takin sides and shit dickridin them niggas, yall forget that both them niggas is fake.

    yeah yeah freeway did all them shits but yall forget that 1 rick ross was an correction officer, and the other rick ross was a SNITCH …

    they prolly even worked together to solve cases lol

    • OnToTheNext1000

      That’s right! F*uck a snitch and a CO…wouldn’t side up with neither nor.



  • atown don

    CaponeMob brah u sound like an old wanna be bitter rapper that never got on dude… I can tell from your comments that you take this whole situation personally… Well sucks to be you. Im just not a fan of haters tryin to knock another man’s grind… This man Rozay has a couple names but he just chose to TAKE that snitch’s name just cause he could… That’s some of the things that Bosses do… Something that yourself knows nothin about….. CrimeMob CaponeMob or whatever your name is! Oh & you better watch out CrimeMob gonna b suing you next..LOL

    • CaponeMOB

      @ “atown don” i dont even know why im wasting my time with you clowns,cause i already adressed you lame Brainwashed Rozay stans. you talkin about you dont like some one knockin another mans Grind? wasnt Rozay knockin on freeways Grind FIRST? SMH what a fuckin Idiot. you gotta Fix your statement,you meant to say, you dont like a REAL Nigga knockin on your Fake rappers Grind. well shoot me for standing up for a REAL Nigga that really played them streets. and you bitches dont even want to debate,cause in a debate you gotta answer questions which non you Lames answered,like if its just a name why not change it to Rozay?
      simple fuckin question that non you Lames answered. which Leads me to Beileive you faggots got your little feelings hurt and felt you had to say what ever for the sake of argument with no Real valid points.

      @ enzo

      “and yes rozay was an officer, cop, w.e… shit dont matter look at where he is now. and yes my name is enzo ”

      haahahahahahha you dont even deserve a proper response with that ignorant ass statement. it just shows the Lenght of the Dick Ridin. you lost all credibility with that statement.

  • enzo

    capone u on some bitch shit… who really cares about a name mannnn… u just mad it wasnt ur idea dawg. a name doesnt make u bruh, ur bars do. think thoroughly before you make dumbass allegations. first off, if it wasnt for the money, then why is freeway askin for 10 mil?? dude could of just sued for sole possession of the name, without any money. BUT 10 MIL????? judge said GET THE F* OUTTA HERE…. is like saying ima name myself ferrari, put out some tapes, get a deal, and then gettin sued by the car company. shit dont work like that son.

    and yes rozay was an officer, cop, w.e… shit dont matter look at where he is now. and yes my name is enzo.. i dont fake any statuses or nickname myself capone, when all i do is sell happy meals. capone??? nigga u know how many people capone killd????????? u eva bagged a nigga… u eva held a gat?

  • Michael Toney

    yeah, but the truth, learning little dumb dirt and getting in it can be hard or easy to get out of, it’s what you make it.

    • Quadrillionaire

      Is that your real name?

  • Quadrillionaire

    yeah, but I’m mean telling my Funk! what up, Michael Toney?

  • The God of Rap

    Man fuck Freeway Rick Ross that fucker sold crack and destroyed towns and families and now he in court asking for justice over a damn name. If you support any of the Rick Ross you’re a fucking idiot and don’t deserve to breath air. You pathetic filth glorify these criminals like they’re god or something.

  • tef

    wow, wondering why this is becoming an issue. mehn, its all hustle, for the money, if he uses the name, fine. but @capone u rant like u freeways brov or something. mehn it all about the money. rickys hot. actually one of those who buried fiddy. “biggy smalls in the flesh, living life after my death” that was hot crack…. appreciate a good one and encourage the ones upcoming but silence the bitch ass niggaz

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