Don Trip’s gut-wrenching record, “Letter To My Son,” spoke on behalf of all fathers who are struggling to see their sons due to disputes with their exes. On Tuesday (March 13), Reek Da Villain dropped the “Letter To My Son (Remix), on which he speaks on behalf of all the stepfathers who find themselves caught between the women they love, the children they’ve come to accept and their ladies’ angry baby daddies.

“Don Trip’s record is coming from the [perspective of the] daddies who are going through it, but at the same time a lot of those females also have men in their life that are caught in the middle of that,” Reek recently explained to “I just wanted to get that point of view from the stepfather, the guy who has to endure all the frustration over watching his girlfriend and baby daddy beef over a child that he lives with.”

Although the Long Island, New York native says he isn’t a stepfather, he did share that he had been in a situation with a lady who had a child and he had run-ins with her baby’s father.

“I been there before, dating a young lady with a kid, and the dad is going through problems and beefing with her,” Reek shared. “It’s not where I’m at now, but I just recently been there, where I lived with a young lady and she had a kid and the father used to come over and want to argue with her, see the kid. He’s popping up at the house and you have to be there. You might have to answer the door and he’s angry.”

Reek isn’t expecting to affect as many stepfathers with the remix as XXL Freshman Don Trip did with the original, but he does expect people to feel the record.

“I think it will touch them, but not be as emotional as Don Trip’s original, “Letter To My Son” because there’s no feeling that compare to the way a father is going to love his son,” he said. “But overall, I think the remix will get the love. A lot of stepfathers will respect it and a lot of fathers will respect it too.”

Reek Da Villan is currently prepping his mixtape, Reek What You Sow, for a late April-May release.—Mark Lelinwalla @XXL_Mark