Nas Calls Jay-Z Hip-Hop’s Savior

Nas and Jay-Z were once embroiled in one of the most epic feuds in hip-hop history. But the two have since not only reconciled, but also collaborated, and Nas recently proved that he’s not afraid to speak highly of his former foe.

“Hip-hop has a savior in Jay-Z,” Nas said during a sit-down chat with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg while at SXSW last week. “Let me tell you why. As a business man… The fact that he’s doing what he’s doing is a [wake up] call for all of the Gods and Earths to wake up and understand—this generation is bigger than what we can even fathom. And he is one of the only ones out of the whole community that we grew up with from the Run DMC days, who’s taken his shit seriously. Taken his shit very seriously. That’s powerful. And you gotta respect that.”

Although just five years ago he named his album Hip Hop Is Dead, Nas went on to show love to the state of the game.

“We died to get where we at,” he continued. “This generation of hip-hop, we’re making a stance; we’re saying what we gotta say. We didn’t graduate Harvard, we didn’t graduate Princeton—nothing against them, they good schools. We’re setting trends. Niggas is tastemakers, whatever the fuck that means. We’re that, and then some. Because we’re all one, it don’t matter [if you’re] Black, White, Asian, Saudi.”

In addition to the lengthy talk with Rosenbger, while down in Austin, Nas also perfomed at the Red Bull Thre3style Party and ACL Live. Last week, the queens MC also dropped his new single, “The Don,” off of his upcoming album. —Adam Fleischer

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  • phil

    Im tired of jayz and kanye acting like they are some sort of religous icons. hip hop is supposed to be for the people. these clowns are so full of themselves that they seriously believe they are gods. jayz is a boring, overrated rapper. he brings nothing to the table. BP3 was all features. Without support on a song jay’s nothing.

    • nick

      your stupid.

    • John

      you are high as f**k! I bet you’re the fool that doesn’t listen to music, but just skims through it…

    • Will C

      “YE ARE GODS” (Psalm 82:6, John 10:34). Wake up, find the one in you and start developing that infinite potential instead of hating on the next man. Not religious (at all), just pointing out something a lot of religious people are unaware of (among many other things). Stay up, people.

  • alderman j


    • Iceberg slim II

      Please, you mother makes men yawn!! It’s people like you who give black people a bad name, why cant you acknowledge that Jay-z did alot of hip-hop including upcoming artists. Hip-hop is a young genre which hasn’t seen anyone making it big,surviving and still being relevant like Jay-z has. I understand you don’t like his music ( ur entitled to your wrong opinion) but aleast give credit where it due, dang!!!

  • Sha

    I’m not a big Jigga fan, but I’d have to agree with Nas on this. The only thing I would add is there are several of cats “saving” hip-hop right now. But if you listened to the radio your heart would sink. You can’t find and probably never could find hip-hop there.

    But strictly speaking about “taking sh*t seriously”, there isn’t one dude in the game that’s as serious as Jay. Not one. Most of us cry about how corporate the game has gotten, but Jay came in the game on some seriousness. And it only elevated.

    Cats spit lyrics (some are even better lyricists than Jay). But there isn’t anyone on his status and what he’s given to the game. No one.

    • land lord

      CHUUUCH!! Life Is Good!!

  • Fireforreal

    Nas is on his grown man shit. He makes so much sense. Hip Hop is soooooooo much bigger than just making a few records to pay your bills. Hip Hop has been put into the mainstreem forefront for about 25 years and artist’s need to take care of there business before these corporate bullies do. Get as much as you can.

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  • google+ circles

    lStuuA Fantastic blog post.Thanks Again. Awesome.

  • Owen Trujillo

    I’m glad to see Nas is givin love i was always on his side during the beef, but now you can’t deny Jay Z

  • Escobar 600

    i think jays a bitch n nas just being a man i can guarntee nas still got hate 4 jigga man his flow on otis is bad kanye sounds like a cat on the mic he started doin wot drake does sings. nas is the king of rap jay n ye just watching the thrown while nas sits in it QUEENS WHAT!

  • AD

    Jayz and kanye do think their gods .. Listen to the music ppl…

    I respect nas but this is some sell out shi* even though he sold out when he signed under Jayz a couple years back…SMH At least Nas is putting out real music. Jay z wants to talk about kidnapping kids.

  • Facts

    Agree with Nas. Jay not only takes hip hop and his lyrics serious by being one of the 3 top best, he takes giving back very serious. He and Beyonce give back without looking for limelight or accolades but some things do come to the forefront due to media being media. They do a lot of quiet visits to shelters and people in need and give back regularly financially and not just in the US, globally. To those thinking he thinks he’s a God, can’t speak for Ye but Jay brags and says why he brags in his lyrics. If you came from nothing, poverity, drugs and violence to be respected and recognized on the level that he is, you gotta ball hard because it’s unbelievable that a Black Man can make it and sit at the table with the White Man and be considered his equal and in some cases better. That’s no small feat to go unrecognized in this still very racist society. One of my fav lines of his is from DeJa Vu (Bey’s record) where he says “the audacity to have me with the curtains back” – that shit is real when a Black Man can hold his head up that high and it’s not the result of illegal activities regardless of where he started from. Respect to Jay all Day.

  • tight

    i cant front when jay retired the first time i was like good, then came the garbage tht clutter the radio and i was like damn i miss dude. on the business tip know one is even remotely close to wht jay has accomplice. respect hov

  • realtalk4real

    jay-Z isnt the savior of hip hop. the fans of his music are. because without his fans supporting him, he would be nothing.

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  • http://Xxl.Co.Zw Dida

    Jay z is da king even nas js told ya. If u hatin fuck ya’ll bitches

  • Anelka

    Classic case of the media sensationalizing, whr in dat interview did he call Jay d savior of hiphop? all he did was give props to a contemporary. I bet most of y’all didnt even listen but just tooke to headline hook line n sinker. SMH

  • JAYB


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