Mac Miller's been under fire from critics as of late. Though it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, Blue Slide Park has received its share of bad reviews.

"I dropped an album and everyone just wanted to trash it," Mac told The Pittsburgh MC's striking back. On "Loud"—the lead effort off his recently released, Macadelic mixtape—Mac spits, "I'ma get that Grammy soon, fuck your magazine/Jordan gonna hear me shoot, still fuck your magazine."

But, Mac says he isn't targeting a publication in particular.

"My whole thing is, it wasn’t necessarily dissing a magazine," he explained. "It was just kinda saying, 'I’ma do what I do regardless of your opinion. And that goes for y’all too. I love y’all, but if y’all didn’t like me I wouldn’t give a fuck."

Mac's BSP received particularly bad reviews from Pitchfork Media, Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine. The Most Dope front man admits that the negative press initially weighed on him.

"It’s kind of somethin' I needed to say because as a young kid in this game, when I was 17, 18, or 19, people’s reviews and shit bothered me," he shared. "They got to me. What people were sayin' 'cause I’m on the internet, I’m reading shit, but to me it was kinda like, 'Fuck that, why do I care?' That’s like being in school and there’s people that don’t like you. You really get hung up on that? It’s really like a inner thing for me that I had to say that’s like, “fuck your magazine. Whatever, no matter what, I’m cool."

The lyric on "Loud" wasn't solely to fire back at his detractors. Mac was also speaking into existence.

"I’m not saying I’m not fucking with magazines, I’m saying, 'I’m getting a Grammy, fuck your magazine," he stressed. "You ask most people in the industry, 'You think Mac’s ever gonna win a Grammy?' They gonna be like, 'Hell no,' but I’ma win a fuckin Grammy so fuck you."—Carl Chery (@cchery)