Jay Electronica’s Album Is Complete but Needs Single, Says Questlove

According to the Roots’ own Questlove, the only thing holding back Jay Electronica’s debut album is a single. During an interview on The Champs podcast, Questlove said that Jay-Z has the album in hand but it lacks a single.

“Actually Jay, Shawn Carter, has the record and listens to it constantly says its his favorite record of 2012,” said Questlove. “He said it has no singles on it, though, but it’s his favorite record.”

Electronica signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation imprint in 2010 after the success of his song “Exhibit C” and the critical acclaim for the New Orleans’ rapper’s unique sound and wordplay.

“They call me Jay Electronica / Fuck that/ Call me Jay ElecHannukah / Jay ElecYarmulke / Jay ElecTramadaan Muhammad Asalaamica/ RasoulAllah Supana Watallah through your monitor,” Jay Elec raps on a popular line from Exhibit C that shows his lyrical ability.

Since then many have wondered if his debut album, tentatively titled Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn), would see the light of the day. The rapper tweeted in July 2011 that the album was complete but months went by with no release date.

Then on March 8, Electronica took to Twitter again and wrote that the album was finished, once again.

“Thank you for your patience and support. The Album will be turned in tomorrow evening. The wait ends,” he tweeted.

At this point, it sounds like Hova has the final word, and no single from the lablehead probably means the set is not complete yet.—Nicholas Sella @NickSella

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  • black jesus

    signing with the camel was the worst move jay elect could have made. when jay gets super lyrical on watch the throne 2, we will know why…

    • yupyup

      Except for the fact that Jay-z was incredibly lyrical on Reasonable Doubt and has continually demonstrated his lyrical prowess even though he’s been attempting to appeal to a more mainstream audience.


    F*CK JAY-Z !!! anyone thats signs with him is going to lose.

    Who does Jay Elect think he is? keeping his fans in suspense for so long. THAT SHIT AINT RIGHT. I lost respect for him and will only download that album illegally, never giving that nigga a dollar. Again F*CK JAY-Z….sucka ass ni66a.

    • Really?

      Yeah! He should be like Big Sean and Lil Wayne and put out every single track that he spits instead of working on it day and night to try to make a new classic. How dare he be like Kanye, who spent four years working on the College Dropout, or Eminem who did constant and extensive re-writes for the Marshall Mathers album! I find it offensive as a fan that he’s taking so long to try to make a quality rap album! WE WANT MORE MEDIOCRE MUSIC!
      OR we can all grow up a little bit and be big boys about it.

  • The Cali King

    Who wants to bet that in March 2013 we get another tweet from J.Elect promising the album is done!


    • Parfait the Magistrate

      Nagging bitch :)!

  • land lord

    We all know Hov is da man but,I’m afraid he’s too used to doing things his way or what usually works for him. To say he can’t stop listening to the cd & then say it lacks a SINGLE WTF???? Imagine if Criminal Minded got held bk cause it didnt have a single,Imagine if Illmatic got held bk cause it didnt have a single,Imagine if Amerikkkas Most Wanted……,Imagine if Outkasts 1st cd got….I’ma stop right there but this has ALOT to do with hip hop being in da state its in cause of dis corp.BS. C’mon Hov dont drop da ball on dis 1

  • lou

    u guys convenietly skipped the part of interview where questlove mentions how hov is excited about is danny swain

  • Grandiose

    Cosign the land lord

  • Jahi Salaam

    his album and nas’s;cant wait

  • s

    black hippy signing with aftermath should make everyone give up god damn when kendrick gets the distribution he deserves there won’t be any competition

  • Brand-New

    This album is like the Mayweather and Pacquaio fight, people been talking about it, but by the time it drops no one will care.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Between smartphones and blog sites i see more idiots get exposed for stupidity then ever before.

    1. U act like Jay Elec signs to Jay and Jay has the final say. Hell, WTT was pushed back and pushed up. You dudes fail to realize that even the rapper the greatest rapper with power still has to answer to someone. Jeezy did it lupe did it. wats remarkable is both Jeezy and Lupe made great albums that sold and fans found their singles.

    2. Jayz has ghost wrote for some big time names, so why would he steal??? influenced? Yes, Hell. I listen to music and get influence. I listen to Big Krit and get inspired.

    Hip Hop got too many haters and not a enough fans more than enough room for MCs still you be bitter about money

  • bullets

    i just read the comments to see how long it would take one of ylou sheep to say, “fuck jayz!” lol i fint it more than hilarious that everything about jayz online never actually comes from jayz we know how horrible he is only from other peoples mouths but thats all the hater in you needs to agree why is it that every negative thing about jayz is never directly from him its all these so called sources jay elect if your a fan you know he takes months to do one song but somehow its jayz’s fault that his LP is taking long smh SHEEP…

  • MoneyCheeba

    Fuck that Jay Elect should leak the album and let the fans decide what song is his single, fuck Jay Z jealous MF…he listening to Elects album so he can steal his style, never liked Hova him and his wack ass rhymes

  • Kill the budda

    Like everyone I find the wait frustrating too but this dude is undeniably the illest MC right now. Its gonna be a classic. I have no doubt. Hopefully we not waitin around another year though….