Jay Electronica Says Album Is Complete

After a lengthy absence from the public eye, Jay Electronica is saying the wait is over.

The super lyrical MC, who announced his signing to Roc Nation back on November 12, 2010, took to his Twitter account on Thursday (March 8) to let his fans know that his album is finally ready.

“Dear Believers and Patient Supporters,” Jay Elec tweeted, addressing his fans. “Thank you for your patience and support. The Album will be turned in Tomorrow evening. The wait ends. Over the next day or so, i will write an open letter via my tumblr (EyeOfElectronica.com) to those who have waited patiently on me. Love.”

Despite the announcement, a release date has yet to be confirmed. Perhaps the date will be revealed via the open letter Jay promised. Calls to Jay Electronica’s camp weren’t immediately returned.

After tweeting the news of his album, Elec then took the time to shout out a couple of his famous friends—Lil B and Diddy.

“Thank You #BasedGod for the letters of encouragement,” he wrote. “Lets get busy on this EP we spoke of.”

Diddy tweeted, “what’s up brother?,” to which Electronica responded: “@iamdiddy Whats Good Brother!! I Miss you and love you. Its time for the mission. Lets link.”

There was brief tension between Diddy and Jay Electronica—as witnessed on Twitter—shortly after Elec announced signing to Roc Nation. Apparently, Diddy was disheartened that Electronica chose Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and not his own Bad Boy Records as his recording home. The two exchanged words, but Diddy quickly ended it at the time by tweeting, “@JayElectronica I’m proud of you! I’m happy for you. I love you! I congratulate you. I’m not mad at you!” —Mark Lelinwalla

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    he said album was done like 10 months ago and we didnt get shit. FUCK YOU JAY ELEC! and this comes from one of your fans. you treat us like SHIT!!!!

    • Convey

      Completing an album doesn’t mean it’s done, there’s all artwork and mixing down and mastering the sound and shit. It’s turned in now, which means there is nothing left to do. It shouldn’t be much longer.

  • iamlegend100

    Finally! i am a fan, i still got what the fuck is a Jay electronica in rotation but this dude don’t feed his fans with no material like a mixtape or something until the album drops, i mean damn come on Jay elect. look out 4 us!

    • Dillon

      this is just a theory but i think maybe he was waiting so long so rather than having fans be full off of appetizers he just released one gigantic feast to let us be completely satisfied with it but again thats just a theory

  • Dillon

    I’m glad he went with roc nation why would anyone want to sign with diddy after they drop one album sometimes before that can even happen they just drop off the face of the earth when diddy is done with them, R.I.P. to the careers of french montana and machine gun kelly

  • bullets

    Jay Electronica is a grown man who does alot of other music and things on the side he’s not lil wayne/lil b or one of these dudes that records 40 songs a day because there all the same bs w/ the words switched around he’s an artists that writes when he’s inspired much like Mos Def, Adele, and even dudes like kid cudi real artists dont force music to please a fan base or internet bloggers ..

  • Illbop

    ‘Believers’?….Lil B? A grown a$$ man friends w/ Lil B? I don’t know cuzzo. Thongs just ain’t the same no more lol

    At the end of the day, NOBODY is bigger than the game.

    Even Papoose had ‘next’ at one point…

  • aaron


  • hank-III

    diddy pls!!!! jay elect? a bad boy? negro pls, what an insult, thats like signing a wu banga to cash$, no disrespect puff but jay elect is toooooo hip hop for the likes of bad boy or even the rap game itself at this state hip hops in, but who am i? erbody’s a critic but lets be real jay elect is totally gonna be underrated and truly has to be the realist m.c. in the game for a loooooong time, j.cole? nice, b.o.b.? nice curren$y, nice! but elect? cmon folk, peace.

    • Shep

      ah,Biggie was on Bad Boy he wasn’t hip hop enough?? I’m not a fan of Diddy but your comment makes no sense. if BIGGIE was on Bad Boy, Jay Elec can be on Bad Boy.

  • Larry Hawkins Jr.

    Yo Big Jay,ya gotta bring that classic album mane!!! Lord knows Hip Hop needs it!

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