Former Jay-Z Business Partner Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges

Kareem “Biggs” Burke, former business partner of Jay-Z and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, has pled guilty to drug charges, reports

Burke, who was allegedly part of a massive pot trafficking ring, spoke before U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain in Manhattan on Thursday (March 16) and pled guilty to a single count of conspiracy to distribute and to possess with the intent to distribute more than 100 kilograms of marijuana.

As a result of the plea, the 38-year-old rap mogul, who helped launched the career of Jay-Z, faces a mandatory minimum sentence of five years and up to 40 years in prison when he returns to court on May 18. Under his plea agreement, Burke is also required to forfeit $660,000, his residence, $15,000 in cash that was seized from his home when he was arrested last year, and his 2010 BMW.

Burke was one of more than 50 people arrested in late 2010 for their connection to a marijuana trafficking ring that distributed drugs from South Florida to New York. The 18-month investigation, dubbed “Operation Green Venom,” was conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security and the Drug Enforcement Administration, with assistance from police agencies in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Maryland and North Carolina.

Authorities seized nearly $2 million and more than 260 pounds of marijuana during the bust. A raid on Burke’s residence in New Jersey reportedly produced the remains of a marijuana growing operation and $15,000 in cash.

Burke started Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay-Z and Damon Dash in the 1990s. The trio parted ways in 2004.—Mariel Concepcion @Mceezy

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  • Disco

    Mariel Concepcion @Mceezy Great Job. Mariel, Love the name, so powerful. Latina!!

  • THedon

    damn bigs that wasnt worth it

  • aaron

    a song to explain this stuation is “a week ago” how could jay let this dude end up like this?…..He could have gave him a job…Dam HOV this just don’t look good on our side!…..

    • Lray

      HOW CAN JAY LET THIS HAPPEN?! U fuckin stupid if you think this is Jay-Z fault! Thats like say its your mom fault if you go to jail! That dont make since homie! Biggs sins are not Jay-Z sins!

  • Oskino

    Word… Is that what we’ve come to now? Bigs sells drugs, & it’s Hovs fault? Some ni**as never learn… All that doe that they were probably stashing at one point…. Plenty of legit sh*t he could’ve invested his doe in. So what? Hov moved on to bigger & better things & it’s his fault? I guess Hov put that product in his crib too? Ni**as started selling records cause it was better than pushing on the block… sounds like Bigs was hustle’n backwards!!! Jay-Z’s name shouldn’t even be splashed on the title of this article… Word

  • Sha

    It’s becoming more and more apparent that Jay-Z made the correct move in getting rid of these dudes (Dame & Biggs). I would say that this is almost the equivalent of when Dr. Dre parted ways with Suge in that just as Dr. Dre saw the long-term consequences, so did Jigga. Both of these cats got called out LITERALLY for what they truly are. I don’t believe anyone can honestly be mad at Jay-Z any more. Imagine if he had stayed in business with these two…. Where do you think Jay would be?

  • Live1ne

    I gotta agree with the previous comments. If you can find a way to legitimize your hustle you’re a fool to try to hav 1 foot in the street and 1 in the legit world. You gotta choose which world you’re going to be in you can’t walk that fine line. Niggas just be arrogant to think that they’ll never get caught. It’s damn near impossible to stay off the government’s radar forever unless you’re working with them. Biggs was just greedy.

  • Dave

    You know after Damon Dash got popped for numerous federal charges you would think that the concept of laying low would apply to his cohorts? I mean everyone that gets caught pleas down to lesser charges by turning in everyone they know, anyone who has ever known anyone in the drug business knows this and yet these guys keep going?