Up to this point, Eminem and Justin Bieber might not have had a lot in common... until now.

According to TMZ, Biebz and Slim Shady are being named in a lawsuit by a company called Moonstone Management, which just filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court claiming it hired another company, J-Mike, in 2010 to recruit either Eminem or Bieber for a concert in Seoul, Korea, but apparently J-Mike never came through.

The suit also claims Moonstone paid J-Mike a $300,000 down payment to guarantee the superstars, but after stringing Moonstone along for months without delivering, J-Mike eventually called off the deal without returning the advance.

Now, Moonstone is suing J-Mike to get its money back as well as unspecified damages.

In the past, Bieber and Em have had little connection, minus instances like when Biebz performed "Lose Yourself" during a Detroit concert stop in 2009 or as the top nominees of the 2011 Billboard Awards. —Gina Montana