An Oklahoma nightclub owner is suing Drake for getting his club manager arrested.

According to TMZ, the owner of Dollhouse Lounge in OKC sent Drake and his reps a letter claiming the rapper got his club's manager arrested when cops found a half-burnt marijuana cigarette in the VIP section, where Drake and his entourage were stationed, after Drake held a private party there on March 1st. The club was also issued a ticket, according to the letter.

The owner says the venue was closed, but he opened it just for Drizzy after he asked the owner to allow him to host a private event there. According to the owner, Drake showed up with a large number of people, and when the party was in full-mode, employees started to notice the smell of marijuana coming from the rapper's section.

At that point, the party was shut down, claims the owner, but when the Oklahoma City Police showed up to restore order and usher partygoers out of the club, they arrested the club manager but not before issuing her a ticket.

The owner is asking Drake to pay up a couple thousand dollars for his troubles. Drake's reps didn't respond to email requests as of press time. —Gina Montana