Damon Dash’s Legal Team Responds To Curren$y’s Lawsuit

It was only a matter of time before outspoken music business man Damon Dash responded to a lawsuit brought by former friend Curren$y.

Dash’s legal team released a statement to prefixmag.com today (Marcy 27) in response to the lawsuit; the suit finds Curren$y suing Jay-Z’s former Roc-A-Fella partner for $1.5 million in damages for releasing C’s music without permission.

The statement reads:

“My client’s initial reaction to the lawsuit was that of surprise, particularly in light of Curren$y’s numerous statements that the Muscle Car Chronicles would be released by BluRoc.

On March 15, 2012, the plaintiffs appeared in Federal Court to argue for a preliminary injunction seeking to enjoin my client from the continued distribution of Muscle Car Chronicles.

The plaintiffs’ application was denied in open Court by Federal Judge Andrew Carter and the album was permitted to remain available through iTunes and other retailers. While the situation remains ongoing, we are hopeful that an amicable resolution can be reached.

My client wishes Curren$y the best in all of his future career endeavors. However, he has expressed a deep concern with respect to the manner in which the artist’s attorney and manager have conducted themselves. He sincerely hopes that Curren$y is not being misled or pressured into making unwise decisions, such as the filing of what appears to be a potentially frivolous litigation.”

It was originally believed the suit had to do with the release of Curren$y’s albums, Pilot Talk I and II, but it appears the bad blood is related to the unexpected release of Spitta’s long-delayed Muscle Car Chronicles, which dropped earlier this year.

Dash credited the Nola rapper with getting him back into music when the two linked up back in 2010 but this recent news shows the partnership wasn’t all what it seemed. Curren$y took his Jets International Imprint to Warner Bros. in 2011 after him and Dash went separate ways. –Nicholas Sella @NickSella

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  • IROC

    Welcome to rip off and fuck you game call music bizness you sign your life away aint no freinds in this game just hustlers and leeches , Curren$y better to learn while you young than to wake up a old broke rapper

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    ODD SITUATION, Currensy became relevant under dame dash and pilot talk 1 and 2 were and still are to date his best work. He has been a pure disappointment since being signed to WB. He has bought a ferrari and a bentley and a gang of old cars. Seems like he just keeps spending money. Weekend at Bernies did NOT pull in the numbers to warrant purchases of that sort. WHAT HAS HE DONE UNDER WB TO PULL IN CASH FOR WB AND JLR? It really confuses me his twitter is always roll up get paid, shit man you’re doing small numbers on the album that came out under warner, I guess your making them money by performing at clubs? You’re not selling out arenas and you’re still buying a fleet of a 1997 Jay-z. Doesn’t make sense and I feel bad for WB b/c it’s like hey this guy isn’t bringing the money in, we invested a great deal of cash he’s out blowing and he’s not putting out the quality we saw him with at DD172 while he was sleeping on a bean bag driving a 1989 corvette and hungry as hell. All weird to me.

    • sonny

      are u kidding me? do you realize how much curren$y makes on tour? weekend at burnies did great btw. second muscle car chronicles was a load of bullshit, they took out the movie dvd and replaced it with a bullshit folk country album, dash is an idiot, i mean seriously why would you put that with a curren$y album???

      dash is and has always been shady, dd172 is the weakest label out there and curren$y was their only hope, too bad for dash hahaha he’s already broke, curren$y has his own label now. don’t feel bad for warner, they and jlr know what their doing, dd172 and dash is a joke.

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