Curren$y Sues Damon Dash Over Music

Curren$y is taking his one-time friend, Damon Dash, to court.

The rapper filed a lawsuit against Dame for $1.5 million in damages for releasing Curren$y music he had no right to drop, reports TMZ.

In the lawsuit, Curren$y claims he and  Jay-Z’s former business partner tried to come to an agreement to release music together in 2010 —the same year Dash released two of Curren$y’s albums —but the deal never materialized. So, Curren$y went off and signed a deal with Warner Bros. in January 2011. Apparently, Dash continued to released the rhymeslinger’s music despite him being signed to WB, which gave Warner exclusive rights to Curren$y’s records.

Dame has since responded to the accusations, alleging he has the right to release the albums because he was given permission to do so. Damon went on to say Curren$y back-stabbed him for backing out of their agreement and signing to Warner instead.

A jude hasn’t ruled on the case as of press time. —Gina Montana

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  • Lisa

    Damon Dash has really fallen from grace and he is always complaining about someone stabbing him in the back. Maybe it’s not that artists stab him in the back, but more of artists getting tired of waiting for their music to come out due to negotiations being at a stalemate. Artists have a right to sign wherever they choose, especially if you are trying to sign them but can’t make anything happen. Maybe he should just take a break and chill from music for awhile. Nothing seems to be working for him right now and with the back taxes, home forclosures, and now this, it would be wise for him to save what he has and just take care of everything first.

    • aaron

      Lisa….Lyor is doing this from behind the scenes just like he did with Jay-Z..get your mind right……He was running Def Jam……and now partly owns WMG aka Warner Bros Records!

  • aaron

    in this situation ………there is one person who name never comes up but always play into spitting on Dame?….his name is Lyor cohen….Dame Dash is a loyal dude not a chump…..Ask Jay Z, ask Camron, ask Kanye……all of them are stars cuz of his master mind and Kareem’s money!…so stop talking bad about a man who stood up and told ya all that it’s the ROC!

  • oskino

    Give credit where credit is due… but don’t shed a tear for legends whose time has past. Dame should’a stacked up while the piles were high & gone out in style as opposed to being the Lame that he is now. Blame who you will…

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