Coolio and Son Arrested Separately but Held in Same Jail

Coolio and his family are running into some trouble with the law. TMZ is reporting that both the veteran rapper and his son have been arrested in separate incidents.

According to the report, Coolio, whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr., was arrested in Las Vegas earlier today (March 9). He was a passenger in a car that was pulled over, and when the cops ran everyone’s names, they saw that the braided rhymer had two active bench warrants out for his arrest from traffic violations. With his bail set at $5,850, he is being held at Clark County Detention Center.

That jail happens to be the same place that Coolio’s son, Artis Ivey, is also being held. The younger Ivey allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint in his home and stole a safe, two iPads, two laptops, passports and more. On November 14, he was arrested and charged with robbery with a deadly weapon, first degree kidnapping and grand larceny.

The report says that the 22-year-old teamed with a prostitute, Shantrice Wilkerson, to stick up a man named Joseph Hall. Wilkerson had been with Hall a few days prior, and was both upset with him and aware of where some of the money in his home was located. He is being held without bail, with a court date set for Monday.

Stay tuned to as more details become available. —Adam Fleischer

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