Beanie Sigel and Scarface Commit to Mac N Brad Joint Album

Hip-hop fans that yearn for skillful, raw street lyrics might get their fix real soon.

As guests on Showoff Radio on Thursday night (March 29), Beanie Sigel and Scarface confirmed that their long-awaited collaborative album, Mac N Brad, is indeed finally going to happen. The title is named after the track “Mac & Brad,” which appeared on Sigel’s 2000 debut album, The Truth.

Statik Selektah, producer and CEO of Showoff Records, confirmed the moment via Twitter, as did Face and Sigel with their respective accounts.

“Man, I was just on the radio with Beanie Sigel & Scarface announcing they are doing an album…Mac N Brad album coming… #HipHopMoment,” Statik tweeted out to the masses.

Scarface added via his own Twitter account:

“Follow the real beanie @BeanieSigelSP Mac and Brad comin soon…”

Longtime collaborators, Scarface and Sigel have talked about the album for a few years now. To fans’ delight, they’ve finally committed to it.

In addition to “Mac & Brad,” the duo have rapped together alongside Jay-Z on Face’s “Guess Who’s Back” and Hov’s “This Can’t Be Life” and “Some How Some Way.” They also appeared together on “Rain” off the Broad Street Bully’s 2007 LP, The Solution.

In related news, Beans recently reflected on his rift with former boss and friend Jay-Z during an interview on Power 95.3 in Orlando. As far as Mac is concerned, there is no beef anymore.

“It ain’t really no situation right now,” Beans explained. “At the end of the day, Jay, that’s my brother, and will forever be my brother.”

“We had a little misunderstanding,” he added. “[It was a] situation where I couldn’t get to him, so I had to via MCeeing. And that was it.”—Jakinder Singh

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  • hiphoplover

    About time. Sheeshhh.

  • BeerGangsta

    It’s about dam time rappers figure it out. When you not in the picture that much. You got to think of a way to get back in the picture. Rappers need to stop lien and start teaming up with real MC and Producer. Maybe Hip Hop fans will start buying more CDS again!!

  • elongated member

    i bet the album is going to be shit. Overhyped garbage, Beanie and Scarface can go deep mainly when they rap about hardship and pain, but they also have to appease BET and MTV etc… so they will have those mass produced electro crunk, hand clapping club beats that Lil Wayne and Drake crap over. His beef with Jay-Z should continue. Jay can’t rap anymore. This album will be a big disappointment but i hope i’m wrong

  • Iroc

    This is the biggest news of all time when two heavyweights hook up like Scarface & Benie Mega hits jumping off

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    About 7 years too late.

  • francis nasim

    im on broad st philly right now bullyin ya people n makin em get on the freeway of livin type of thing-n i want n to n i do n im rewrittin philly n my album chronic neptune plus donny the franchise drop dec. 12-i see you in the ring beast.and i will always luv u.good luck frazier

  • OnToTheNext1000

    “Guess Who’s Back” is one of my favorite songs of all time. A classic combination. Can’t wait!

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