XXcLusive: Rick Ross Debuts the Trailer for “Yella Diamonds”

If you don’t give The Bawse Rick Ross his proper respect, apparently you’ll be on the wrong end of some very harsh retribution. Ross debuts the trailer for his Dre Films-directed video today (February 7) right here on www.xxlmag.com. In the clip, Ross is very clear and concise with the orders to his soldiers.

“Oh, niggas wanna play?,” he asks rhetorically. “I’m gonna show them how I play, nigga. ‘Yella Diamonds’ on deck, nigga. I’m cuttin’ checks. Take them niggas heads off. Fuck ‘em all. God forgives, I don’t.”

From there, chaos ensues, and it looks like the storyline will follow along the rap lines of the song’s second verse.

“You know we roll up like Jamaican niggas/No marijuana, talkin’ bout killin’ these hatin’ niggas/The time is now fuck all the waitin’, nigga,” he rhymes. “I can’t hold back all these Haitian niggas/ You know they talkin’ home invasion, nigga/Seein’ your daughter scream can be very persuasive, nigga/First question, ‘Where the safe at, nigga?’/All in your woman’s face, fuck up her make-up nigga.”

Yesterday, XXL posted the first photos from the video and the clip’s director, Dre Films, gave a brief description of the his latest work.

“This is one of my best videos,” Dre described. “It has a little story to it. We kind of took from the song. I’m excited. I can’t wait for people to see it on XXL. We shot it in Miami about two weeks ago, so it was love. We got a couple of actors. The Bawse came through and gave me a lot of energy. You’re gonna really feel it with this video. It’s the second video from Rich Forever. It’s one of the songs everybody loves.”

Everything culminates on Wednesday (February 8) when the video for “Yella Diamonds” premieres exclusively on www.xxlmag.com.—Shaheem Reid (@shameemreid)

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  • http://Youloose.page.tl Innoc’en

    Hot ricky!hot boss! U da boss

  • http://Xxlmag.com Da Big D

    Phuk Dr.Dre&dis fat phuk. I no longer have respect 4 Dre,he phukin wif dis fat phuk now??? phuk him!. Talkin bou ‘God 4 I Dont’,u a lier u fat phuk,since 2009 u been wack as hell,phuken C.O….. 50 must just murder dis fat phuk. *G UNIT*


    More bullshit from a mediocre rapper in the game. Constantly talkin about how big he really isnt. Talk to us when you go diamond a few times then we will call you one of the biggest in the game……………….lame shit. 7 million aint somethin to brag about. Not when your tryin to claim your one of the biggest. This dude needs to hang up his mic the only people buyin his shit are the dumb asses who cant see how fake he is.Quit bein brainwashed by this garbage and buy music by real rappers with real skills.

  • SHAQ3000

    Fuck Rick Ross I live in Australia and I don’t know anyone that listens to this faggot!

  • returnof4eva

    The age of the keyboard gangster……U folks are haters

  • jr88

    i think rick ros has an ear for beats thats for sure but lets put asside that dude is the most fake rapper in hip hop hisory…dude has the same flow on every song…i cant connect with this dudes music man….i like to listen to rappers that talk about the enviorment where im from and how they made it out…i listen to kanye too cause he is himself and not trying to be anybody else… i just cant connect with this guy man,,,,im not a hater

  • Berry Punch

    ^^^^^^^ co-sign. I got his first album but never connected with the music so I just went and sold it. Nothing against Ross but I’m just not feeling him.

  • DBellZ

    “Niccas sendin’ out threats – you could put that on twitter, but out of repect I handle mine like a killer” – UNTOUCHABLE MMG Snitch

  • Zee

    people dont hate on him they just dont like lairs and frauds there’s a difference

  • Pete

    It’s ridiculous

    What a joke

  • MikiRozay

    I am from Jamaica n Rick Ross is boss coming from the murder capital of the world

  • kingequality

    Its rap music people, name a rapper who isnt fake. Please just name one..