The Ultimate Fighting Championship is known for having some of the most-skilled mixed-martial artist fighters in the world. They also have one of the sexiest women in the world, Arianny Celeste, as their Octagon Girl. Here, Arianny dishes on everything UFC, posing for Playboy and
being single.

XXLMag.com: How did you even get started with the UFC?

Arianny Celeste: I just went on an addition they were having to find to find the next Octagon girl and they chose me to be one of them. They had 35 girls at the casting and they chose me.

What's your background?

Born and raised in Las Vegas, but I am Mexican, Apache Indian, Filipino and Spanish from Spain. I speak Spanish and celebrate all Mexican tradition.

Wow. How long have you been with the UFC?

I been with the UFC for five years now.

What’s your opinion on the sport?

I think that the sport is the new No. 1 sport in the world. It’s taking over and it’s definitely killed boxing. It’s the next big thing and it’s getting bigger and better every year.

For a boxing fan who hasn’t given the UFC and mixed martial arts a chance yet, why should they?

I think they should give MMA a chance because in a lot of ways it’s the most exciting sports could get and it keeps it exciting because it’s not just boxing. You never really know what the next thing that’s going to happen in the Octagon will be. It can be an armbar, a knockout, it can be all kinds of things. It just keeps it very exciting.

In November 2010 you posed for Playboy. What was that experience like?

Of course I was nervous up until the shoot, but once I got there, they were so professional and so amazing. The crew made me feel so comfortable, so it was all good. I was really happy with the way it turned out.

Do you get more nervous 10 seconds before a huge UFC fight on pay per view or your Playboy shoot?

I was more nervous about the Playboy shoot, running around naked. I get nervous before a UFC event, but more like an adrenaline rush because I can’t wait to see those fights.

What's the craziest thing about living in Las Vegas?

The craziest thing about Las Vegas is you meet people from around the world. It’s never a dull moment.

What's a secret itch you'd like to scratch?

A secret itch I’d like to scratch is visit Greece. I love Greek food and I love the beaches.

What makes you sexy?

I’m sexy because I’m exotic, confident and serious.

Describe an ideal first date.

On an ideal first date, I’d like to be taken to a nice dinner and maybe a movie. I am single.

So what does a man need to do to get your attention?

He needs to capture my attention because I get bored really easily. Something that will keep my attention.