In a recently-conducted MTV news interview, producer/recording artist Timbaland revealed that both him and fellow Virginia native Missy Elliot have once again teamed up and are simultaneously working together for the release of separate solo LP’s in June.

It’s been three years since Timbo’s Shock Value 2 dropped, and an additional four years removed since Missy released The Cookbook in 2005.

"Right now, we're preparing to get both our videos, our first singles, shot kinda at the same time," Timbaland said. "We want to do it as a movement and spontaneously."

As past projects prove, when creatively conjoined, the duo never ceases to disappoint. "I just don't want to move too ahead of her and she don't want to move too ahead of me," Tim told MTV, "So we're both doing it at the same time."

Respectively, the tentative titles for the upcoming albums are Shock Value 3 and Block Party. If all goes according to plan, exactly one year after revealing her diagnosis of the autoimmune disorder Graves’ Disease to People Magazine, Missy Elliot will be debuting her heavily anticipated album in June. —Christian Bonoan