Swizz Beatz Trying to Introduce Korean Pop Artists to the United States

As if designing Aston Martin cars, painting and collecting fine art and partnering on a new sneaker line with Reebok wasn’t enough, Swizz Beatz continues to expand his horizons.

The superproducer was recently in South Korea, where he announced his ambition to help bring Korean pop artists or K-Pop artists to the United States.

“I found that Korean Pop Music is a new expression and the world is open to new things,” Swizzy announced during a press conference in South Korea. “And I think that right now K-Pop in Korea is leading in that area. I would love to be that one to introduce it to the West.

“The biggest thing about K-Pop is how much it’s elevated to the next level,” he continued. “Geniuses like Kanye West and others that are smart enough to work with K-Pop groups understand that music is universal. I believe in leadership and setting the pace. I like to be the first.”

While K-Pop groups like the Wonder Girls and Girls Generation have already begun crossing over into America, Swizzy hopes that he can help usher in more Korean acts.

Last summer, Swizzy expressed the feeling that working with Reebok puts him in elite company.

“I want y’all to understand the movement and opportunity that we all have,” he said during a Reebok party in midtown Manhattan, New York. “Reebok is definitely back. I am happy to be the creative director globally that puts me up there with the Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfelds. To have that position coming from the South Bronx…I tell everyone that the sky is not the limit, it’s just the view.” —Jakinder Singh

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  • steven

    K-Pop is trash. A shitty version of already shitty American music. Get this guy out of here!

    • http://mywoods.tumblr.com MPeezy


  • Monica Anders PR Strategist

    For nearly two years it was no secret to the K-Pop music industry that world renowned Music Producer Teddy Riley and PMG his production team is the first to break ground and envision the success of working within their music sector as well as bringing K-Pop music to the USA.

    From attending major press conferences, meetings, working and collaborating with a few major music management and record labels since the late summer of 2010 in Seoul, Korea, Teddy Riley, who has more than 500 major credits to his name including the highlight of his production career the “Dangerous” album by Michael Jackson which sold more than 32 million copies and won him a Grammy for engineering has most definitely etched his deep imprint and impression in the K-Pop music industry and successfully accomplished his objective and mission.

    Since April of 2011, Riley has been featured and highlighted in major Korean Pop magazines, blogs and music editorials, Billboard, mainstream news and hundreds of social media sites for his solid work with various artists including Jay Park and has a high profile media presence reflecting his accomplishments on line. He since has been producing and composing music for top artists at SM Entertainment, South Korea’s largest Entertainment & Media Group.

    K-Pop music hit the USA masses on October 23rd of 2011 at Madison Square Garden when a 9-piece Korean pop super group Girls Generation a/k/a SNSD made their United States debut with a sell-out concert sponsored by SM Town performing their hit song “The Boys” produced and co-written by Teddy Riley and to date has 8 different remixes. “The Boys” stateside earned a Top 5 slot on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 chart shortly after their USA debut and ranked 2nd on Billboard’s World Album Charts.

    “So before everyone gets too excited with recent quotes published in a few major Urban music magazines and sites with a posting of a news conference recently held in Seoul, Korea by another USA Hip Hop producer who “mistakenly” stated that something like this has never been done before and he is breaking new ground bringing K-Pop to the USA, please note that as Public Relations Strategist for Icon Teddy Riley, I just want to kindly but firmly get the facts straight! I ensure all of you that this mission has not only been accomplished and well received first by my client, but a mountain of success has already been marked and identified as a piece of legendary history in the making with his name on it,” says Monica Anders.

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