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NAME: Brittney Wilkes

REPS: The Bronx, NY, but currently living in Lancaster, PA.


CAREER HIGHLIGHT: So far my biggest accomplishment recently had to be appearing on VH1 in December 2010. It was my first time on TV. And besides me dancing on there, all my family and friends got to see me on TV. It was amazing! I look forward to being on many more channels.

FAVORITE RAPPER/ARTIST: Right now in the rap industry I have to give all the props to Nicki Minaj. She has come so far and she reps for the girls out there that struggle to be known. Her music inspires me a lot from her lines to her acts. I love impersonating her to my friends and YouTube subscribers, it’s so fun.

FAVORITE HIP-HOP VIDEO: My favorite hip hop video is "6 Foot, 7 Foot" by Lil Wayne. I love this video one because Cory Gunz is in it and two because the whole concept is from my favorite movie Inception. I actually saw the video before the movie and while watching the movie I said, 'This looks familiar.' I love it.

DREAM JOB: I would love to work with Chris Brown and Drake definitely on the boy side. As for girls definitely Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. They are all sexy and I love their music that’s why I say them. It would be awesome to work with Hype Williams, the director too he’s great.

SEX APPEAL: My personality makes me sexy I would say, because you can have good looks but you need to have brains as well. Everybody loves a smart girl that can handle herself. My favorite body part is my thighs of course. They are big on me and I just love how they pop out in shorts and dresses.

TURN-ON: My ultimate fantasy would have to include being tied up or having my partner tied up and dancing for them. Maybe throw some exotic foods in there as well (strawberry’s, whipped cream, etc.). I love someone who can dance, that’s a turn on definitely.

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