Maino has become synonymous with realness since splashing onto the hip-hop scene a few years back.

Thus, it’s fitting that the Brooklyn MC is delivering yet another season of his Maino: Up Close & Personal series. On Wednesday (Feb. 22), Maino launched the first episode of the third season of the web series, produced by Executive Nick from Fight Klub rap battle fame.

“It’s just Up Close & Personal, a day in the life,” Maino told of the reality series. “It’s actually touching the people and letting the people know what’s going on in the workings on an artist such as myself, just grinding and going through what I’m going through. Also, it’s information that people will want to know, but don’t know.

“I’m just being who I am,” he continued. “I just think it’s important to nowadays give people more than just a few songs. You’re getting the idea of who I am, where I been, what I’m going through and what my travels are.”

Maino added that he plans on hitting the net with an episode or two per week leading up to the Feb. 28 release of his new album, The Day After Tomorrow, and beyond. In addition, he says there’s a chance that the series could be picked up by MTV2.

The first episode of Season III, entitled “Uphill Struggle,” includes a compelling opening season with Maino and Jean Nelson, VP, A&R of Atlantic Records candidly talking about the Bk MC’s tough climb and journey within the industry.

“Everything we’ve done—he’s done—it’s always been a fucking uphill struggle,” Nelson says in the clip with Maino seated beside him.

Maino then expresses the feeling about being underappreciated, but continuing the fight.

“We got to stay in the fight because nobody is gonna give us nothing,” the Hustle Hard rapper says to Nelson. “Nobody was counting on us, we wasn’t nobody’s favorite…it fuels me.”

Maino began Up Close & Personal back in 1999 to coincide with his debut album, If Tomorrow Comes… Three years later, and he has the same objective with the reality series.

“It’s for the fans” he said. “If you haven’t been a fan of me before, here’s an opportunity to become one. And if you been rocking with me since day one, here’s another reason to continue rocking with me.”

The Day After Tomorrow features the singles, “Let It Fly” and “That Could Be Us,” as well as the street bangers, “Gangstas Ain’t Dead” and “Cream,” featuring Lil Wayne. —Mark Lelinwalla