M.I.A. To Be Fined For Super Bowl Finger

M.I.A. sure caused a stir this past weekend at Super Bowl XLVI following her middle finger mishap. The lewd act has now resulted in her being the subject for all fines charged on NBC.

According to TMZ, the controversial rapper signed a contract with the NFL, agreeing to repay fines given to the organization should she do something “inappropriate or an unsuitable act” on camera. The contract came after the infamous Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” scandal in the 2004 halftime show where CBS was imposed a $550,000 FCC fine.

As of press time there’s been no word from M.I.A.’s camp on whether or not the contract is real. Stay tuned to XXLMag.com for more on this story.—Ralph Bristout

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  • A.R. Knight

    that”s what her dumb ass gets …smh She’s Fucking it up for the next MC

    • aaron

      she is nt a MC!!!!!!!!!…she is hot garbage!

  • strange

    really? seriously stupid how she gets fined for a finger gesture….i get how it was “inappropriate” but seriously its all dumb

  • steven

    She’s a clown. There’s a fine line between being a rebel and doing things solely in pursuit of shock value. Flash a sign with a political message, drop a lyric that protests war. But, a middle finger?? You’re just trying to push conservative buttons in the most elementary way possible.

  • Wishing Well

    This is what happens when you hire someone for their ‘street cred’…you get an individual from the streets. Oh what, NBC? You thought that MIA’s rebel mentality was a gimmick and that you could cash in on it and get cool points without getting the real person that comes with it.

    If one day Snopp, Jay-Z, and 50 Cent flip out I wonder how much a shock it will be to middle america. How long will it take before they realize, “Oh yeah, I forgot…they are real street dudes”.

  • aaron

    why is she even there…..she s wack as hell……no one saw it and even cared….fine the rcord label thatsigned her….Please!..she is wack!!!!!!