Lil Wayne Signs Christina Milian, Takes Jabs at Jay-Z [Video]

Lil Wayne announced the signing of a new member to Young Money Saturday night (February 11) while performing alongside Drake during the annual Cash Money Grammy weekend party. The YMCMB head honcho also took the time to honor the memory of the late, great Whitney Houston, who passed away earlier that night, and to take jabs at Jay-Z and Kanye West.

“I got the beautiful Christina Milian with me,” Weezy said while onstage, backed by the likes of manager Cortez Bryant, Young Money president Mack Maine, Corey Gunz, Lil Twist and others. “Young Money, Christina Milian,” he clarified.

Lil Tunechi also took the time to thank his team for their contributions to the label’s success, but not before asking for a moment of silence for Whitney Houston, who was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. after being found in her hotel room in Hollywood, California, just hours before mentor Clive Davis’ annual Grammy party was scheduled to take place.

The evening wasn’t complete until Wayne took time to throw some jabs at ‘Ye and Hov, rapping at the end of his announcement about signing Christina Milian, “I met a red-bone, I took the girl home/I asked her what she wanna watch, she said, ‘surely not The Throne,’” to roars from the crowd.

Weezy joined Drake during a surprise set that followed a performance by Erykah Badu, the latter who performed tracks like “Window Seat,” among others. Drizzy ran through songs like “Forever,” “Undergroung Kings” and “Crew Love,” during which he handed out shots to attendees, asking them to ” take a shot with me.” Drake also rapped to “Stay Schemin,’” his verse on Waka Flocka Flame’s “Handclap” and “Take Care,” sans Rihanna.

Lil Wayne jumped in for his verse on “Hell Yeah,” and then again for “The Motto,” which proved to be a crowd-pleaser. Drake then brought up Tyga for his current hit, ” Rack City.”

In closing, Lil Wayne thanked manager Cortez Bryant, Baby and Badu, and shouted out Lil Twist, Mack Maine and Corey Gunz, as well as recent Cash Money signee Busta Rhymes.

“Make some noise for the beautiful Nicki Minaj who couldn’t be here tonight,” Wayne added, before Bryant presented them with plaques for both Weezy’s Tha Carter IV and Drake’s Take Care, as Wayne joked about outselling Drizzy.

Lil Wayne is up for a couple of Grammys, including Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for DJ Khaled’s “I’m on One.” Stay tune to for a full recap of the Grammys Sunday (Februabry 12). —Mariel Concepcion (@mceezy)

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  • simphiwe smallz simelane

    ymcmb,,,rich for ever,and best for ever

  • Leïs-Bruel Bryga

    Christina Milian Signs With
    #YMCMB. Wow! Welcome To The Family gyal !! We rich 4eva.. Young Black Shine Princes(n Princesses):YBSP

  • Ryan

    Literally, when he speaks it sounds like pure gibberish. Like, I’m not even sure if he’s speaking the english language or not, it’s honestly that bad. I’m SURE Ye & Hova are super offended by whatever nonsensical bullshit spewed from his mouth about them, but yeah, he should get more teardrops on his face those look really good!

  • Josh

    Lill Waynes a sell out bitch and a slave to the industry, Kanye and Jay are doing things he could never think of.

    • Brandon Hamm


  • Kanye West

    Fuck Lil Wayne.

  • A.C. Says 10%

    I bet Weezy gunna knock that bitch up!!……You heard it here first!! LMFAO

    • Young Scuba

      Nah THAT would be weird considering she has a baby by The-Dream, him and Wayne already got kids from the same woman, Nivea



  • In Your Fucking Face

    How About Finding Some New Talent…? Shorty Is Washed Up Like A Sponge

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  • About

    it would be a dream come true if jay-z, ludacris and common made a track together that just shits on the young money faggots..ive had enough of their low talent, high ego bullshit..though its not likely, i just wish that track would happen lol

  • A.


  • jr88

    i wonder who wrote that line for wayne…lol…wayne raps about nothing dude raps like a 5 year old not to mention dude is a poser and is doing everything possible to appeal to white kids and he wears girls cloths….lol….jay is just sitting back watching this dude destroy himself



    • land lord

      I absolutely agree. Can’t wait until Hov cuts da subliminal crap & shuts Weezy down. Wayne is very talented but @ da same time a tad bit overrated. Still ALOT of youngins identify wit him but ALOT of youngins really don’t know & respect real hiphop!! I feel a TAKEOVER part2 is overdue

    • Donte

      ….SHUTUP I SICK OF YOU OLD PEOPLE i respect lil wanye and drake as artist too bad some of you old ass people dont i realized times as changed and hip hop as went from a james brown sampling , boom bap era to a more alternative era and whats wrong with that?????? if it was up to some of yall old people we would still be on the sp 1200 making the same shit, not saying my era is better than anything in the 80s or 90s(its not) just certain artist that have realese some amazing music like Cole,Drake, Big K.R.I.T., lil Wayne(2005-2008), kanye,jay electronica , kendrick lamar get NO RESPECT the game is more diverse than ever and these new artists are killing shit but hip hop is dead??? i know what hip hop is and i was born in the 90s lil wanye and drake are good but i know they are not on the level of a jay-z,nas, rakim, pac big etc why dont some of yall just realizing that ….on the other hand lil wayne needs to shut up watch the throne ,section 80 was better than that weak ass carter 4 he would do this shit before grammys(who i dont respect at all but i repsect them more than the bet awards smdh)

  • jr88

    say what you will about roca fella and gunit, but when these dudes were on top they made classics…young money is just making weed plates

  • IROC

    Still buying your own shit who you devil puppets fooling only the mindless / as long as Busta been in the game he still cant be his own man and when he find out he getting screwed out his loot we will see what up then couldnt make it with ol lazy dr dre

  • jr88

    is it me or ever since the wtt album came out this dude seems bitter….maybe cause its better than any album ymcm and drake and wayne can produce…lol

  • ohreally

    Watch The Throne was one of the best hip-hop albums of 2011. It was huge. People still can’t stop talking about it.
    C4 on the other hand…..yeah. That stuff fizzled out QUICK.
    Jay and Ye stay winning, Wayne and Drake stay bitter….

  • CJ Schemez

    Fuck the Throne Jay-Z & Common can eat a dick!!! YMCMB mothafucka!!!

  • Sean Izzle

    I listened to Tha Carter II the other day !! been long since i listened to it. Lil Wayne was Trill, keepin it traditional Southern style. cant believe that was in 2005, I remember hearing CII for the first time like it was yesterday. Yeah u Nicki Minaj Drake Trey songs Young Money fans didnt know hes from New Orleans right? yall though hes from planet Mars SMH

    Alot of people i know who into that Young Money shit was the biggest 50 cent and G-unit fans years ago. They missed the Southern takeover in 2006, never knew anything bout Lil Wayne and what was going on. They dont know who Static Major is and that he tragically died R.I.P. my man -They kept listening to 50 cent and them G-unit faggots during 2006-2010 like fools. They think Drake, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songs and Lil Wayne belong together. The first time they heard the word Trill and heard about puprle codeine was in a Drake song. Cause thats what Drake does best right? imitating the South, using Southern beats, copying Juvenile and U.G.K. songs and using Southern words like Trill and rep the H-town when really hes from Canada

  • RapMusic25

    Oh god,what a weak jibe! Cant Lil Wayne come up with something better than those weak ass bars? Kanye and Jay wont respond to that wack ass line.If you are gonna go at Jay and Kanye,you have to do better than that! You just look like a damn fool and a hater.

  • jr88

    im young and i know better than to listen to wayne…dude is so lame….niki is played out and drake is cool on the rnb side but with hip hop he comes off like a lame trying to be hard….smh…

  • mulberry

    Dude definately peaked in ’05 about the time of Tha carter 2/ Tha Drought 3 mixtape. I just can’t get into anything he does nowadays, its like he’s not even trying anymore. And he’s still taking jabs at Jay like he’s on his level or something??? Wayne needs to check his ego and try harder with his and his team’s music.


    Lets be real here. YMCMB is like the Republican Party. Delusional. First, Lil wayne ain’t young. dude is in his 30s. Dude is in his 30′s yet his core audience is 14-23. Dude is posioning our youth.

    YMCMB ain’t for the people. They make music to make money. They don’t respect the art of hip hop. Trust me, this has nothing to do with age or wanting the golden era back. Case and point. Kendrick Lamar. Dude rhymes. Dude rhymes. Pac Div. Its tons of newcomers who make music.

    Lastly, cory gunz. that was a hott line. But you gotta feel bad for not getting your shine.

    Can’t wait till hear the response from real mcs. wackness to take jabs when ya boi had the platform.

  • buckeye

    Hov won’t even stoop down to this beef

  • v

    Does Weezy know that him even calling the throne, “the throne”, means he is bowing down?

  • khaliba

    signing yung milan is a smart move dat shortie got potential and a touch of swag if I was yung mula would approve ymcmb


    YMCMB went donuts last night 0fers… When’s the last time they won a Grammy since Tha Carter III? They (YMCMB) love to use that Willie Lynch method of turning rap fans against one another, men v women light skin v dark skin & especially YOUNG v OLD. First off let me tell these brain washed idiots some facts Birdman is 43 years YOUNG, Lil Wayne turns 30 this year,let kids who buy their music tell it that’s old. After watching Kanye-34 & Jay-42 win Grammys last night further proves my theory. Contrary to POPular belief G.O.O.D music never gets OLD! Eat Crow!

  • True or False?

    First off milian has been done for yrs now.She is jus gonna b another face on ymcmb jus like every1 else who is not wayne drake or nicki. Second, wayne is still trying to get jay n kanye to respond but you notice drake has been quiet as hell when it comes to the two because he knows better. Not only that but when wtt dropped wayne n drake said they were no longer gonna do their album because of the comparisons it would get to wtt. Any 1 who wont do something cuz of sum1 else is threatened by them. They knew anything they put out would not b as gud as wtt so they didnt even bother. Motto n HYFR were probably original tracks for their album so u can pretty much tell what kind of album they would have had. any 1 feel me on this?Im jus sayin.

  • J-Hill Disciple

    how does the journalist not know the names of the songs?

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  • KONYe West

    i cant even..