Following accusations that he hasn't paid child support for one of his children, Juvenile has released a statement via his publicist calling the allegations "false."

"With reference to recent allegations made against me, I would like my fans to know that such accusations are completely false and my legal team is currently at work to prove so," he said. "In the meantime, I stay positive. I will continue to focus on my work and I look forward to the release of my upcoming album."

On Friday (February 24), a Louisiana judge ordered an arrest warrant against Juvie for failure to pay more than $160,000 in unpaid child support.

According to court documents obtained by, the former Cash Money rapper hasn’t forked over money for his 13-year-old son since December 2006. The “Ha” star is facing 90 days in prison unless he pays $50,000 to stave off the arrest warrant.

However, the New Orleans lyricist told TMZ the ordeal was “a bunch of bullshit.”

“I was never informed there was a warrant issued for my arrest,” Juvenile explained. “My son stays with me most of the time…I take care of my son…I love my son.” —Mariel Concepcion