Jim Jones just can't seem to stay out of trouble.

Just three days after getting arrested for assaulting a police officer following a casino brawl in Connecticut, the rapper was arrested again on Monday (February 27). According to TMZ, Jimmy was pulled over earlier today in New York City and was arrested shortly after for driving with a suspended license. He has since been released.

On Friday (February 24) night, the "Balliiin'" rapper was arrested following a brawl in Connecticut's MGM Grand during a party hosted by Diddy. The Harlem rapper was apparently approached by a man who began swinging on him, causing him to retaliate. More people from both parties then got involved, and the altercation escalated. Check out the videos for both arrest and brawl below.

In order to restrain Jones, authorities used mace.

The Connecticut State Police said that the Capo was charged with assault on a police officer and breach of peace. He was later released on bond.—Gina Montana