Giants vs. Patriots: Which Team Has The Better Chicks? [Gallery x Poll]

NE-Evelyn Lozada (Chad Ochocinco)

The New England Patriots and New York Giants will play for NFL supremacy on Super Bowl Sunday. That said, XXL wanted to rate their games off the field. Here's a look at the Giants and Patriots' hottest wives, girlfriends and exes. Vote on which team has the badder chicks. To begin is Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco's girlfriend Evelyn Lozada. Touchdown!

NYG-Elaina Watley(Victor Cruz)

New York Giants Victor Cruz' girlfriend Elaina Watley

NE-Gisele Bundchen (Tom Brady)

Patriots Tom Brady's girlfriend Gisele Bundchen

NYG-Selita Banks (Osi Umenyiora)

Giants Osi Umenyiora's ex-girlfriend Selita Ebanks

NE-Anna Burns (Wes Welker)

Patriots Wes Welker's girlfriend Anna Burns

NYG-Lauran Tuck (Justin Tuck)

Giants Justin Tuck's wife Lauran Tuck

NE-Bibi Jones,Rob Gronkowski

Patriots Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend Bibi Jones

NYG-Tiffany Hughley (Mario Manningham)

Giants Mario Manningham's girlfriend Tiffany Hughley

NE-Linda Holliday (Bill Belichick)

Patriots coach Bill Belichick's wife Linda Holliday

NYG-Abby Manning (Eli Manning)

Giants Eli Manning's wife Abby Manning

NE-Susie Light (Matt Light)

Patriots Matt Light's wife Susie Light

NYG-Sanya Richards (Aaron Ross)

Giants Aaron Ross' wife Sanya Richards