DMX Doesn’t Care for Drake, talks Rick Ross & Jay-Z During Interview

DMX is scheduled to make his way back into the hip-hop game with the March 27 release of his first album in six years, Undisputed. But don’t expect a verse from Jay-Z or a hook from Drake on X’s return project or anytime soon for that matter. The rapper stopped by The Breakfast Club on New York’s Power 105.1 dial on Thursday morning (Feb. 23) to talk about his music and who he’s feeling right now. Hint: It’s not Drake.

“I don’t like anything about Drake,” X said bluntly. “I don’t like his fuckin’ voice. I don’t like none of the stuff he talks about. I don’t like his face. I don’t like the way he walks, like nothing. I don’t like his haircut.”

When asked who he was feeling right now, X responded: “J. Cole is nice, J. Cole is nice, lyrically I heard his first song on the radio before I knew who he was and I was like ‘Damn! Who’s that?’” He also had high praise for Machine Gun Kelly. “He’s better than 80% of the rappers out here,” he offered. X and MGK collaborated on the track, “I Don’t Dance.”

Later in the interview, Charlamagne Tha God shared that he felt Young Jeezy lyrically, to which X quickly replied, “Jeezy, lyricall?” Charlamagne then adjusted his comments—stating that Jeezy conveyed a similar feeling to 2Pac in his music, but that his nemesis Rick Ross was lyrical, just like The Notorious B.I.G. “Rick Ross looks more like Biggie,” X chimed in. “He’s alright…he just talk about eatin’ and girlfriends too much…how much can a nigga eat? How much weed can you smoke?”

X also talked about his last years at Def Jam and what happened during Jay-Z’s tenure as the label’s president. “How do [Jay-Z] listen to a whole album, pick a single, shoot a video then don’t know,” said DMX. “Okay, I see what’s really good. You tryin’ to eliminate the competition.”

DMX was released from a 211-day prison bid in Yuma County, Arizona last July. X’s first two albums in 1998, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot and Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, made him the second rapper in history to have released two albums in the same year, which both debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The other was 2Pac with All Eyez on Me and The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory in 1996.

X will be performing at New York City’s S.O.B.’s tonight (Feb. 23).—Nicholas Sella

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  • hopelesshiphop

    The realist motherfucker ever.

    • CaponeMOB

      SMH @ all you niggaz. i cant beleive NOT one of you niggaz said anything about him comparing the correctional officer to the GOAT BIG. either yall officer ricky dick riders or X dick riders.

      Ross is lyrical? C’MON! how can you be lyrical when you just rhyme simple words about eating at wing stop? i could ghost write for fuckin ross and make him into a monster. the nigga is wack! and he dont even look like BIG either.

      and then X has the audacity to question if jeezy is lyrical when ross and jeezy are basically in the same level as far as lyrics. i would say jeezy has the edge cuz some times he says some deep shit that you know he put thought into it.

      i like X too cuz he keeps it real,BUT ima keep it real as well and X, are you back on that shit? Ross and BIG should never be in the same sentence. hopefully your not sayin this to try to stay relevant,like when DR.DRE bought Ross that Hublot watch. SMH

      • noone

        He never said ross is lyrical. Charlamagne said that. Read before you start throwing darts at X.

      • Cyn

        Yeah dude your comment is really stupid. X said he was NOT lyrical. SMFH.

  • Nocturnal

    X is Tupac Reincarnated…….

    • zayzkidd

      Did the host compare Young Jeezy to 2Pac? What a joke…


    What male does like drake…they seem to all dilike like him and have no valid reasons…and I happen to like DMX

  • fizzy boyei

    what has drake done to take all this

    • aaron







  • Mutada Mullah Atari

    Always liked X.

    1. Orginal to the core, sounded like no one else.
    2. Ability to talk the street talk and get serious
    3. Alter Ego (Damien) and other rap voices (not the first to do it but came correct)
    4. Entire albums of strong material-
    5. Stratled the line beetween commercial (radio) and the street will (I live in Cali and he literraly RAN the radio for a couple of summers.)

  • Joker1017BSM

    Fuck this crackhead. How is this junkie still relevant. He fucked up his own career & now wants to talk about new talent that is actually doing something with their cash and career. Just to stay in Hip-Hop headlines. If. IF! This dude want to make a come back. He need to shut the fuck up & concentrate on making good music instead of talking shit about other artists that do. Honestly I like X better as an actor. Maybe he should just stick to that. Cause imagine a DMX & Wiz Khalifa collabo??? LOL. Sorry X your time has passed.

    • Too2Sicc

      True shit, a lot of older artist rather talk shit about upcoming artist instead of guiding and mentoring a new coming artist. The rap game got way too greedy.

      • Eckzotic

        are u and joker1017BSM fuckin illiterate or something? this is not about taking shots at a younger generation..if it was, he wouldnt give props to j cole..this is about him not liking drake, he said it cuz he doesnt like him, simple as that..gtfo with this “old irrelevent rappers” bs, legends are never irrelevent

    • Steezei

      Joker shut ur dum hip hop uneducated ass coz all u knw iz dat stack ur money 2 tha cealin n dat grab a bitch n go f*ck it… X iz 1 of tha realest in tha game n he dnt nid a comercial chump 2 promo hz album, he cud do it on hz own lyk a true grown ass man u chump

    • Afi K. James

      He’s gotta point, X is just dead to me, even though drake is just a terrible rapper, X just hasn’t been the same since aaliyah died and the great depression.
      Yes X is the realest, but to me, his career is just about finished, it’s a shame though, because he’s one of the best rappers of our generation.

    • http://rhythmstars sixfive

      en no raper lyk X

  • Maori

    X kiss no ass

  • aaron


  • stone

    X is tha shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

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  • Soul 1

    D real deal is here, rap gam ga2 b resurrect again. Fk ya if u aint luv X sht, tel drake is jst abt 2 b X. Ethik here, tradition mst stay, cultur mst takes it stand. Real is real call him dck(X) n snitch is snitch call thm bunch f hoes( drake, jeezy, officer Ricky, lil wayne etc). Dis is d struggle f Nas, Pac, Biggie etc. X move on…. All dis crap ass are 4kin lazy brain… They dnt wana thnk… Rap is goin 4kin down. Dnt em listend 2 Black rob, Rakim, mob deep, Shyne mda4ka paul. I love X… Strictly street thin.

  • UallRetarded

    Wow people… Really?

    Rick Ross can’t rap for shit… he gets other famous people like Barry White on his tracks just to sound good cus he knows he never will… Jeezy is a real street homie. He’s not lyrical but compared to Ross maybe he could be considered so, but still he just has street cred and drug $ so he wont be goin anywhere anyway, it dont matter.

    As for anyone being Biggies reincarnate, thats a laugh. Nobody is a reincarnated anyone. They all their own person and might have similarities but I know even I as a lyricist wouldnt wanna be called anyones reincarnate… just another way of sayin they copied someone but your so hopped on they dick u look for a nicer word for it to justify that… learn how to assess shit for real people.

    Now for Drake… its not just guys who hate him, its just only a guy can cus dumb bitches are jocked on his cashflow and the fact that he isnt 300lbs. Anyone remotely in shape is gonna get hella attention from ladies once in the industry. But honestly, what does he have to offer? Dumbass says “unhhhh” and “ohhhh” more than fuckin Master P and that was the niggas trademark. Aside from that what? Honestly? every beat sound the same and all he does is brag about his expensive alcoholism problem and the fact that hes jaded towards women cus a lil girl broke his poor little baby heart… WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK?!?!?!?!?! at least if ur gonna go on and on and on about the same ol girl or the same old bullshit be fun and creative with it or tell a story like Atmosphere (Slug) or Celph Titled… I mean shit wtf does “drinkin margherita by the liter/ i dont really need her ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” say? oh right… NOTHING.

    Talent is a lost art form people… develop some real insight and help fight the signing of these clown ass bitches everywhere.

    P.S. The biggie thing is all started and supported by P.Diddy… why? Cus he lost a lot of stigma by being an industry bitch and blacklisting people cus they show him up (which just about anyone can do, hes a business snake, not an artist) and MGK is ight but shit, have you heard more than that 1 free verse he always does about blazin tracks and apple jacks? Nothing else is really as fast or slick while being fast and if it is its just voided by whoever is featured (like Wakka Flocka hahahaha) or the overly amplified and synthesized sound of new “swag” rap… which should be called “shwag” rap cus its as disappointing as a shitty bag of weed with sticks and stems.

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  • Brandy

    X has some good singles but for a man who aint putting shit up and can take care of his personal business at home sure does have a lot to say! I few hits can make or break you and from the looks of it they have broken X cause all I will listen to of his , is his old stuff! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR lol