Danny Brown Applauds Cam’ron’s Hustle for Working With Mac Miller

Danny Brown is not a fan of Mac Miller. He is a fan, however, of Cam’ron. So, what does Danny think about Mac and Killa Cam collaborating?

When recently talking to XXLMag.com, the Detroit MC offered up a simple explanation.

“Cam’ron wanna get another fan base,” Brown said in a dead-pan delivery. “Cam just wanna get some White people [to broaden his listening audience]. Cam a hustla!”

Earlier this week, Mac told XXLMag.com that Cam and he already have recorded about four songs and are talking about doing an entire project together. That’s on top of the “Dig That” track they dropped back on Feb. 1. When hearing about all of this, though, Brown added to the idea that if Cam goes through with such project, that he’d be simply doing it for the money.

“Cam is about the bread…get your bread!” the Detroit MC continued, his voice shrieking. “Much love to ya Killa, Killa! Cam, I love ya!”

Brown made his dislike for Mac clear back in December during an interview with Rolling Stone.

“He’s the worst guy around,” Brown told RS about Mac. “Don’t get me started. His album cover is like, ‘Ugh, what is this? He’s trying to be artistic, huh? If I see him, I’m just going to have to apologize to him, like, ‘Man, I just want to apologize for hating you so much because I’m not going to stop. I don’t feel violent in any way, but I really hate you.’”

Danny Brown’s XXX album received critical acclaim last fall. It includes records such as “Die Like a Rockstar,” “Radio Song,” “Lie4″ and “Blunt After Blunt,” which was produced by A$AP Rocky. —Mark Lelinwalla

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  • elderly gotti

    i dont know who danny brown is, but he hit the nail on the head on this one. no homo.

    • mac

      feel the exact way when read the headline lol

  • Stephen

    Blunt after blunt was not produced by ASAP Rocky. Skywlkr produced it. Rocky directed the video.

  • eddiesixes


  • Hit

    Pssh dis bitch nigga Danny brown is a straight hater. Lame said it himself lmao! Listen bitch boyy u that mad at Mac throw sum darts at him if u ain’t scared. Guarantee Mac would body dude on that lyrical tip…Detroit stay losing cuz of cocksuckers like DB.
    412 in this BITCH

    • BangEm

      Are you fucking stupid?

      Mac Miller is a corny ass rapper just like Wiz Khalifa. DB would murder his ass if he ever went up against him

  • No doubt

    Whos Danny brown? I looked him up and I thought he was a tranny haaaa! nigga’s hair is hilarious. Straight clown

  • Apple Jackalopolis

    Correction: “Blunt after Blunt” was produced by SKYWLKR. The accompanying music video was directed by A$AP Rocky.


    Brown is a BUM! Dude is gassing’ himself up…he’ll get murked by this young ass white boi doin his thing. Bitch ass hater suck a dick with dat fucked up grill.

  • Johne Doe

    Does this dude realize how many white people Already listen to Cam?,