Wale isn't afraid to admit when he isn't well-versed on a topic.

When asked about his thoughts on SOPA during an interview with Boi-1da.net, the MMG signee said he rather "keep my mouth shut if I'm not all the way knowing exactly what's going on.

"I feel like the more I get involved in and the more I start thinking about stuff like that, the more I take away from the music," he continued. "I let the world be the world, you know what I'm saying?”

What he was a little more vocal about was his feelings about Common's track "Sweet," which claims a lot of the new rappers are EMO, taking the blame from the artists and questioning the role of radio programmers and DJs.

“[It's] a challenge to radio on what they are willing to accept and what the deejays get behind,” he said,  adding that, he, for one, is “happy” with the current state of the game. —Christian Mordi