Top 10 Hottest Web Candy Girls of 2011

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    Top 10 Hottest Web Candy Girls of 2011
    From Texas to the Bay, New York to the A, <em>XXL</em>’s Web Candy girls took up Kanye West’s workout plan as they prepared to take home this year’s Web Candy of the Year title. Side bends, leg ups and full-body stretches were only part of the journey. With a roster filled with 40-inch waists and 27-inch hips, being “another pretty face” only went so far.<br /><br />Forty nine voluptuous beauties lobbied to take Web Candy’s No. 1 spot, but only one can take home the crown.<em>XXL</em> presents the Top 10 Hottest Web Candy Girls of 2011. <em>—XXL Staff</em>
  • Cherry3
    10. Cherry Ann
    Ready to test drive every ... car in the world, Cherry-Ann admires a man that admires her beauty and good brains.
  • Erica9
    9. Erica Kane
    With 40 inches of seduction hanging from her backside, Erica Kane knew what she was doing when she took on her alter ego. Looking for a man with a big ... ego and sex on a plane is only the beginning of her fantasies. Can you make her wish come true?
  • Heather6
    8. Heather Bianchi
    No man can resist a blond with a nice booty, and Heather's no exception. Looking for a man who can caress and manipulate her body, Kanye couldn't even walk away from this one.
  • Crystal Lee2
    7. Crystal Lee
    Crystal Lee is the sweetest sin. With the apple of temptation tatted on her backside, why wouldn't men want to try it?
    6. Melissa Avera
    Melissa has a big heart and clearly has assets to match. Tall, dark and handsome just doesn't cut it, she needs a man in control.
  • Csilla-2
    5. Csilla Ray
    Csilla's a lot of woman and she wants a lot of man! Born and raised in Texas, she's ready to give the right man some real Southern hospitality.
  • Gina10
    4. Gina Ramos
    She may not look like your girl next door, but Gina Ramos everything men wanna take home to mama. She cooks, she cleans and and she's all natural!
  • Payola5
    3. Paola
    Paola is as exotic as they get, and her greenish-brown eyes are sure to hypnotize you. And 34-25-37 are certainly numbers to remember.
  • Jessenia4
    2. Jessenia Vice
    Pretty face, thin waist and no weave. She's a sucker for lips, but unfortunately, the <em>XXL</em> user she took out on a date earlier this year wasn't lucky enough to taste hers.
  • Kristal
    1. Kristal Solis
    With a face like this and an ass like WHOA, it's no secret as to why Kristal is <em>XXL</em>'s favorite Web Candy of 2011. But watch out for thorns on the way to her flower pot.

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  • cdotodot

    Congrats! Well deserved! @iheartgina

  • Erm

    #3 should be #1

  • D.Scott

    all beautiful…

  • Will

    Kristal really is number 1 she made alot of noise in 2011 i think you guys chose the right one

  • the truth

    #4 should be #1