The New York Daily News is in hot water with its Twitter followers.

Early Friday (January 20), the newspaper published an article that exemplifies Jay-Z’s "Glory" track, a song dedicated to his newborn daughter, as a long-awaited anthem for Black leaders and family advocates. The piece voices the author’s optimistic opinion on how the Blue Ivy Carter-inspired composition might impact Black fathers.

“A lot of other babies are going to benefit. Because Jay-Z’s ecstatic reaction to being a dad will be the strongest boost yet to a growing movement in the Black community encouraging responsible fatherhood,” wrote writer Joanne Molloy.

Though Molly’s post might've been written with well intentions to address a large social and structural issue within the culture, it stirred a lot of controversy for the New York City-based publication, especially after The Daily News attached this message along with the link to the article on it’s twitter:

Two hours later, after receiving many replies reflecting an outraged public reaction,the newspaper apologized for failing to classify the tweet as opinion-based.

According to the author, 72 percent of African-Americans are raised without a dad. Jay-Z frequently mentions his father leaving his family for good, while he was only nine years old. —Christian Bonoan