The Hottest 10 Leaked Rihanna Beach Bikini Pictures

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    Over the past two weeks, plenty of Rihanna beach bikini pics have leaked on the Internet. <i>XXL</i> takes liberty here to gather her hottest 10 bikini shots. High five!
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  • FloridaBoy

    She is very average looking not much of a body no bum no breasts big forehead but i bet she is a freak in bed

    • NinoLoc

      Eh nicca… that bitch looks like a baby doll… I bet that bitch can get my grip like hella quick…

  • Word Dogg

    I would definetly eat her shit

  • Grack

    she has really big feet…

    • SmokeyRebelz

      And you know what they say about man with big feet?… ooops, forgot he’s a she… average biache…

  • http://xxl Casey Sparxx

    This talented young lady should have been a mermaid, she loves the water….Nice.

  • fuckyall

    she should love the water didnt she swim over here. herd she floated to the states on a spear lol cute buns thow

  • Uncle B

    Rihanna really keeps that body together.

  • Joseph Gittens, Jr: LPN.

    Rihanna is super talented, and she is beautiful of course. Maybe she will use her platform for Jesus Christ and Christianity in the future.

  • Joseph Gittens, Jr., LPN.

    Rihanna is beautiful and talented. I wish her much success in the future. (May Christ be with her).