The Dream Team: The 12 Hottest Chicks From All Genres

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    With this being MLK Day, <i>XXL</i> decided to build our Dream Team of hottest women on the planet from all different genres. To begin, has there ever been a hotter reality star than Kim Kardashian? Dumb question. Of course not.
  • rihanna
    For the next member of the Dream Team, <i>XXL</i> wanted to nab the hottest singer of the game. Here she is..Hi Rihanna.
  • dream6
    Got the singer and now needed the baddest female rapper out. Nicki Minaj is just that.
  • dream2
    When talking thick model chicks, Maliah is amongst the cream of the crop.
  • dream4
    Okay, so <i>XXL</i> wanted a fly movie star down with the Dream Team. Hello, Paula Patton.
  • dream7
    Every Dream Team needs a sexy, sultry Latina. Sofia Vergara more than makes the cut.
  • Dream12
    <i>XXL</i> needed an unbelievable foreign import. For us, it's Paraguayan supermodel and huge soccer fan, Larissa Riquelme! GOAAAL!
  • dream11
    Consider Halle Berry the Michael Jordan of the Dream Team.
  • dream9
    Every Dream Team needs a White Girl too. Model Kate Upton is ours.
  • 16th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute - Arrivals
    Former stripper turned one of the illest eye candies of all time. Yes, Amber Rose gotta be down with the Dream Team.
  • clair1002
    It's the Dream Team for a reason. Claire Huxtable, our favorite TV mom, is on the list.
  • 2006 Oprah Winfrey's Legends Ball
    That Oprah money!

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  • JugularKill

    11, Claire Huxtable was hot! ..seriously

  • Ninja Boi

    OPRAH Can Def Get It lol

  • Hannya


  • shady1316

    id buy all them for a dollar!!!!!

  • Y.O.

    Pam Grier needs to be on this list. original foxy brown…need I say more?

  • Smokey Rebelz

    Mo’faka, we rollin’ with some light skinned girls, where’s all the Kelly Rowland? Your team is too baised for my liking…

  • Smokey Rebelz

    Mo’faka we rollin’ with some light skinned girls, where’s all the Kelly Rowlands? Huh? The is too baised for my liking!

  • the1uluv2hate

    Really? The only white girl you could come up with is Kate Upton? And I’m sorry, but I can’t take Amber Rose seriously with that little boy hair.