Syd the Kid Wishes Missy Elliott, Alicia Keys Came Out the Closet

In a recent interview with LA Weekly, Odd Future’s female singer and DJ, Syd the Kid, opened up to discuss her decision to “come out” publicly via the ‘Net, and her long-time wish for other rumored lesbians like Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah and Alicia Keys to share their sexual preference with the public as well.

Syd the Kid, properly known as Sydney Bennett, decided to go public with her sexual preferences in The Internet’s (Matt Martian and Syd) 2011 “Cocaine” video. When asked by LA Weekly, why “come out” through “Cocaine,” Syd responded, “I decided to do it because I wish I had someone like that [an openly gay female artist] while I was coming up. People write on my Tumblr just thanking me for making the video, saying that I really inspire them, and they want to be like me…. I put myself out there because I’m sick of people asking. I’ve been asked it so many times. It’s annoying, it’s like, you can’t answer that yourself? Do I look straight to you? Shit, you got your answer — go watch ‘Cocaine.’”

The Cali artist was also asked to comment on the lack of openly gay artists within the industry right now, to which she responded by questioning those she believes hide their orientation.

“There’s Alicia Keys, who’s married to Swizz Beats – we know that shit ain’t real,” she said. “You got Queen Latifah kissing Common in movies. Missy Elliott saying she don’t wanna hang with bitches. You know she loves her some bitches.” —Amber McKynzie @amack_XXL

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  • Q

    haha do your thing syd

    • CaponeMOB

      this dyke ass bitch is fuckin stupid,just cuz she’s a lesbo dyke it doesnt mean that the artist she “admires” or better put, wants to sleep with are dykes also. and i never in my life heard that alicia keys was a dyke and alicia been in the game for 11yrs. this bitch is dellusional. and she says alicia keys is married to swizz beats and that aint real,oh you forgot to mention alicia keys HAD a baby with swizz beats,i guess her whole pregnecy was fake and they just adopted a baby and all just so people wont suspect she’s a dyke? get the fuck outta here. if it was that serious she could’ve just married a male model with feminine features and just have the nigga wear make up when they have sex. BUT NO she married an ugly rat face nigga thats the furthest thing away from female sex appeal,shit YOU GOTTA like guys if you married a nigga that looks like swizz. shit i even have hope i could bag an alicia look alike cuz next to swizz i look like a calvin kiein model. PLUS who the fuck care’s if they like to partake in a little cunt lickin? like if thats a shock. NOW if were talking about faggot male rappers is a diffrent story cuz they like to portray a crime lord boss image but then they turn around
      and take it up the arse.

      • ASR

        u mad?

      • Syd tha kid’s wife

        Fuck you bitch cause your opinion does not matter and u better not come for my wife again or shit will get real nigga..

      • urmomsadyke

        why you expressing so much hate? You know what they say it takes one to know one. Every gay person I know male or female has called out Alicia Keys as one of the closeted ones. Was she right for outing them? nah. I don’t think anyone has to put their personal sex life out there for the world. It’s not like heterosexuals are running around screaming their flamingly straight so no, homs shouldn’t either. I just wish they(da brat, Alicia keys…etc) would stop faking the funk. Alicia keys may not be a lesbian but I don’t doubt for one minute that she’s never been with a female and doesn’t continue to sleep with females. There’s a huge difference btwn a tomboy and lesbian/bi-sexual female. Again, I’m not saying for sure but I’m saying the GAYDAR is rarely EVER wrong. P.S. Don’t be so hateful Mr. CaponeMOB(ur name’s pretty ‘ganger’ lol) makes the world wonder about you and your closet just a lil ;-) lol

  • Lisa

    ok this dyke trash is looking for attention. SMDH people just cant make it on their own merits anymore. disrespectful b*tch

    • Syd tha kid’s wife

      Syd tha kyd is the fucking best at what she do, fuck you bitch cause you have no damn purpose. How about u go do research on syd and learn something. U a fucking hater cause u don’t have no life and u wanna comment on shit that does not need ur opinion cause it does not matter… FUCK U BITCH and don’t come for my wife again stupid hoe..

  • GDavis

    man who really gives a fuck
    stupid as world we live in, i dont care wha the fuck u do in ya life
    man rap wack n shit now fuck odd future and this bitch
    lame as game yo forreal wha the fuck happen to hiphop
    this corny gimmick bullshit fuck u and your closet

  • Gdavis


  • cramzy

    syd the kid is dope ass fuck. that’s all i wanted to say

  • mr.RED

    Alicia Keys is a lesbian??

  • Sadie

    This Dude needs to stop trying to get attention by saying stupid shit.

    Queen Latifah is not in the closet. She lives her life and doesn’t have to go on People magazine to announce her personal life.

    And Alicia Keys is NOT gay. Just because she’s a tomboy doesn’t mean she’s automatically interested in other women. You know nothing about her life so STFU and take a seat.

    I have no respect for this “chick”.

  • mike4282

    I heard the something bout Keys and Eve along time ago. Eve? She’s bi and Keys—God I hope she’s straight.

  • HipHop King

    That bitch look ugly as fuck no wonder she turned dike.

  • BooRae

    Damn, y’all fags r mean…

  • BooRae

    CaponeMOB… U Stoopid. (In my Tommy, from Martin, voice.)
    Everything you wasted ur time on typing is ignorant as kcuf…

  • Sonya

    When I first started hearing that some people were labeling Alicia as a lesbian, I thought that was the stupidest thing in the world. Why on earth would anyone even think that about her. She is so beautiful and feminine. Sure we all like to be a little rough at times but so what? I think most young people, especially young girls today are very unsure about thier sexual feelings. There is so much going on out there, how couldn’t they be? I think a lot of them question theirself when there is no reason for it. That in itself is bad enough without others trying to convince you you’re something you know you aren’t. People need to worry about themselves and stop making accusaitons about others. I love Alicia and know she is a wonderful person and mother. I don’t believe she is anything but a beautiful person. It wouldn’t matter to me either way but I truly believe she is interested in men. If you listen to her music, it’s pretty obvious.

    • Sea

      Not all lesbians are dykes, there are lesbians who are feminine.
      You saying that Alicia is beautiful and feminine, so she can’t be gay, is like saying that all lesbians are ugly. I’m not saying Alicia Keys is gay tho.

  • Karen

    Everybody wants to ride someone elses coattail. Pity Syd has to try to bring others down just to make herself seem relevant. Who cares what Syd wants? Just because you came out doesn’t mean these other women are what you want them to be. Anyway it’s their business, not yours.

  • aaron

    why dont you worry about your life……this whole lesbian thing is out of control…trying to get attention because some guy hurt you……This chick looks bad so she wants oths to join her team…..If they are so what!

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  • PenalWarts

    Now y’all know damn well she’s looking better than you. Plus talented?
    The fuck are you doing,
    GET the fuck on outta here.

  • Eddie G

    Syd is only pointing out the obvious!

  • TN

    a lot of these comments are really disrepectful.1. not being interested in men does not atuomatically mean that someone was sexually abused. 2. syd’s sexuality shouldn’t be a big deal but we live in a heteronormative, heterosexist society. no one has ever asked someone if they were straight. 3. stop using the word dyke to denigrate someones character–it’s a slur, just like “faggot” and “nigger”4. get over yourself

  • purpleorchid

    Hypothetically speaking. If any of these women are gay, is it your right to put them on blast this way. Some people actually want their sexuality to remain private. And it is none of our business. So you came out, thats ya business. You wanted the whole world to know, — Thats ya business. Its nothing glam about it. And many people are gay, and its nothing new now. When do we go back to keeping our personal lives just that—– peronal. Do you feel better now that you have come out? I sure hope so because it seems so mportant to you. Who cares that you are sleeping with women. I dont. So stop tending to every body elses business and just continue to post your business, as if we really give a dayum

  • Wanda

    I care if they are sleeping with women because they are role models for your when the word comes out that they are gay then I would you feel when your daughter decides to like women…Homosexuality is an abomination to god..He did not make eve and eve or adam and adam…Quit making excuses for these lost souls that are famous…They are only famous in the eyesight of the world…Other than that when they die they will be judged for this behavior…Alicia is getting more and more gay..Keeps cutting her hair because in reality in her mind she is a man….It’s very sad..