Swizz Beatz’ File Sharing Site MegaUpload Shut Down

A day after Swizz Beatz, the CEO of filesharing site MegaUpload, found himself in some hot water, the site has been shut down by the Feds.

According to the Associated Press:

Federal prosecutors in Virginia have shut down one of the world’s largest file-sharing sites, Megaupload.com, and charged its founder and others with violating piracy laws.

The indictment accuses the company of costing copyright holders more than $500 million in lost revenue from pirated films and other content. The indictment was unsealed Thursday, one day after websites shut down in protest of two congressional proposals intended to thwart the online piracy of copyrighted movies and TV programs.

Megaupload.com has claimed it is diligent in responding to complaints about pirated material.

The indictment says at one point, Megaupload was the 13th most popular website in the world.

Swizzy had been given a take down notice by Universal Music Group for his “Mega Song,” which featured Diddy, Kanye West and will.i.am. MegaUpload had filed a countersuit, though, claiming, “We have never received any word that any artist has [individually] filed a take-down . . . [we have] legally binding agreements with the performers that appear in the video.”

This news comes a day after more than 10,000 websites participated in an online blackout and protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) bill, which was introduced in the House of Representatives in October. —Adam Fleischer

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  • net-wurk

    Damn I never knew swiss was the CEO of megaupload… but I think thats some BS… straight up. Megaupload was the best site for uploads …no hastle no bs.. just upload ur files ..option to pay or not to pay.. they act like shutting down his site is gonna end piracy..not everybody uses large file upload sites just to pirate, they just going overboard with this shit

  • dumb shit

    This wont do shit…the majority of people who do pirating do it the safe way….through torrents now….its ridiculously safe in comparison to other forms of P2P and much much much safer than using an upload site for the person downloading stuff. This SOPA/PIPA stuff is total BS….you know its bad when a whole industry its supposed to be protecting (video games) are speaking out against it. Hell, music artists need to get off their shit, they make most of their money off of nonmusic related shit anyway nowadays…

  • http://www.bunker8.com Bunker 8 Digital Labs

    Awesomely uninformed opinion. If you had a business like ours which was literally gutted by piracy and people literally stealing from you, you would feel different. Or, to put it another way, what would it be like if every two weeks I stopped by your workplace and I took my “cut” of your paycheque for doing nothing.
    There is nothing noble about Megaupload, there is nothing noble about file sharing sites. If the people who create the content cannot get paid for their work and their only source of income from it is from sales of the product, then, like our business, we had to lay off 1/2 the workforce and we are hanging on by a thread. The income that is made from the sales of our digital products IS OUR INCOME. There is no other source of revenue for us.
    If rampant piracy isn’t stopped, then people will just think that the candy store will be there to be robbed. Swizz is looking at making money from piracy, that is wrong. These companies like Megaupload, Fileserve and the rest of them are NOT noble. They are charging you a fee to have an account with them, a fee that makes them rich off of the backs of the ones producing the content that they are allowing to be shared.
    Theft is theft, there is no nobility or “freedom of speech” issue here. When someone steals from you, robs your house, they don’t tell the judge that they were doing it to protect “intellectual property freedom.”
    That is the real BS in all of this, wake up and smell reality.
    Or send us a cheque.

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