Kanye West and Lil Wayne tried their hands at deejaying on New Year’s Eve and Salt-n-Pepa DJ Spinderella disapproves.

Spin took to Twitter to express her disgust for rappers getting on the wheels of steel, saying they’re not taking the artform seriously and it’s an insult to the culture.

“First DJ Ak-47 (Alicia Keys) and now DJ wih wih wiggity Wayne?” Spinderella tweeted out to the masses. “WTH who’s next? It’s disgusting. Record sales down…become a Dj? FOH. Djing is just a ‘trend’ now. Artists jump on the bandwagon cause it’s the ‘in’ career move. What about real Djs that ‘bleed’ this culture?”

Spinderella even went as far as to say that she used to rap, but would never diss herself and the art by claiming to be an MC.

“I rapped on a few joints back then…and was dope at it, but never claim to be a ‘rapper,’” she continued. “BTW…I do lessons for anyone who wants to learn. But we startin ground ZERO.”

After getting an ample amount of backlash due to her statements, Spindeezy got back on her Twitter to further explain herself.

“DJ = Disc Jockey: one who spins discs on a machine to play music... TJ = Technology Jockey: one who utilizes technology to play music,” she added. “Now, ima DJ and a TJ…and there’s nothing wrong with ‘either’ but the word DJ is being used too loosely…this defines it for me. You don’t like what I’m tweeting the UNFOLLOW button is right there!! Christ…” —Jakinder Singh