Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s 94-page FBI file was published Wednesday (January 11), Gawker.com reported.

In addition to documenting some of the wilder incidents on the late ODB’s rap sheet, a generous portion of the report is spent connecting the Wu-Tang Clan to various forms of crime including murder, drug sales, illegal guns, weapons possession, money laundering and car jackings. There’s even allegations of Wu-Tang commissioning the Bloods gang to carry out crimes.

Also included in the explosive file is information about the 1997 murder of Robert “Pooh” Johnson, who is described in the police file as a “known Wu-Tang associate,” on Staten Island. The file goes on to state that in 1998 ODB himself was shot in a targeted robbery. That’s two years after ODB was shot and robbed in the projects and after he said a group of armed men burst in his house while he was sleeping and snatched his jewelry.

ODB, real name Russell Jones, died of a drug overdose on Nov. 13, 2004. XXLMag.com reached out to Raekwon, who declined to comment. —Jakinder Singh