Nas is stepping up to the plate.

After reports surfaced yesterday (January 3) that a concert promoter named Patrick Alloco and his son were abducted by a "concert impresario" in Angola due to Nas' no-show for a New Years Eve performance, the New York rapper says he's ready to cut a fat check to get the men back to the United States.

According to TMZ, a source close to Nasty Nas says he's willing to fork over the money to get the men back home but is not taking full responsibility for the mishap.

The source also says while Nas and his team initially agreed to perform the NYE show, there was a miscommunication about the travel plans that lead to the event being canceled. Now, Nas says he'd like to return the money, just needs to know where to send it to.

"The key is getting Patrick Alloco home safely," the source said.

Allocco claims he was kidnapped at gunpoint by a local impresario who was extremely unhappy about Nas not showing up for the New Year's Eve show. The "impresario" demanded Allocco fork over the $315k advance and when that didn't happen, he allegedly abducted Alloco and his son. Allocco was eventually freed from captivity with help from the US Embassy, but he's currently holed up in a local hotel. —Gina Montana