After gracing videos by Jadakiss ["All Falls Down"], Cassidy ["Face to Face"] and more, this Sicilian bombshell is ready to show out. Here, she fills in the blanks to key the world in on some of her favorite things in and out the bedroom and more. Mama Mia!

The city I rep is Hartford, CT.

My favorite body part is definitely my eyes. I love how big they are and the shape.

An ideal date for me would be a dinner date on the beach, followed by a walk during sunset on the beach.

Sometimes I get compared to hmm...I have never really been compared to anyone!

My favorite television show is Law and Order. I like to pretend like I am one of the detectives!

The first thing I look for in a man is he has to be able to make me laugh. I don't like an uptight man. Of course physical attraction is a must as well.

In the bedroom, I'll never say that I don't want anymore love making. I always want more!

I like my man to take control. So sexy!

My sweet spot is on the back of my neck, almost behind my ear and also on my hip bone.

My favorite position is I don't really have one favorite. I like the feeling of my man's body close to mine, so whatever position that may be at that time, then that's what it is. Nothing is better than making love!

My absolute pet-peeve is I hate a liar! I would rather be told the naked truth, than a well-dressed lie.

The last place I had sex was I never kiss and tell!