Lil Boosie Writes Letter to Fans From Jail

Lil Boosie is currently in jail, awaiting trial for murder charges in April. But the Baton Rouge rapper seems to be using his time behin bars wisely.

According to Ozone Magazine, not only does he look like he’s bulking up at the Angola State Prison (see photo below), he’s also written a letter to his fans in which he not only thanks them for their undying support, but also plugs in a few of his, his friends and his family’s upcoming projects. Read below:

A letter to all my fans,

First, I want to than you all of you for supporting me through these hard time. Last month I was sentence to 8 years with credit for time served so i will have to do 19 months on that sentence. I go to trial for this murder charge in April so please keep me in your prayers.

To all my fans who write me through J-Pay make sure you put your address so I can respond. Its hard to write every body back but I will try my best to do so. I would also like my all my fans to support Young Jeezy new album TM 103 hes a real nigga with a big heart. I want to thank Plies, Yo Gotti, Marcus Spears, Jout Dallas, Earl Wayne and Jamarcus Russell for keeping it real with me and Pacman also. My daughter Iviona album will be coming soon so be on the lookout for it. Its HOTT!!!

I really appreciate everybody whos supporting and everyone who has sign the petition and brought Boosie Gear. I want all my fans to know that yall are so special to me because without you there would be no me. Congrats to Webbie on his new album Savage Life 3. New Boosie DVD “The Come Up” will be in stores soon. Life Story Book “The Truth” in stores end of 2012. My label, Bad Azz Ent, will be dropping a compilation this year and you already know how we do it. I want to thank GOD for everything and now I know the real from the fake and I can say that not too many are not real.

I also want to send love to the realest woman in the world my MAMA Mrs. Connie whos my best friend, mama, spiritual advisor and #1 Fan.

Boosie Boo

Fans can read up on Lil Boosie’s case at They can also write to him at:

Torence Hatch #560699
Angola, LA 70712
CCR/DR D-1 —Gina Montana

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  • mark milligan

    man this nigga is done for he might as well get comfortable glad he’s locked up dont have to hear that trash he puts out

    • lil shaughty

      boosie you a real nigga keep yo head up dawg dis lil shaughty from richmond ,VA keep making dem classic songs real niggaz fuck wit you homie stay tru peace

    • jon guzman

      nigga fuk u mark milligan lil boosie is the shit nigga lil boosie is the best rapper alive not wayne lil boosie

    • tomika madison

      just cause you dont like his music dont mean its shldnt be glad no damn body is locked up they should lock your ass up for beeing a damn jackass…

      • hiswify504

        shut yo bitch ass up lil boosie is always gone be the best free my niggah booo we miss ya

    • CURTIS


  • mark milligan

    niggas look like the 4 heartbeats

  • sincere

    this a real niga hope to god this man dont get no tyme he a souljah hold yo head boss and this bicth mar need to klose his mouth.Straight up boosie nigaz down here in tha H-Town
    is waiten on ya kause its to much bs that nigaz is putten out we still bangin that DEVIL GET UP OFF ME SO thats wat u tell-em

  • thug4life

    man boosie could spit anybody call him trash is either pussy or hard hearing the boy got skillz nigga got barz if u dont listen to him how would u kno his talent it be dem pussy ass new york niggas that dont kno shit n tryna commeent on real nigga musik somethin new york havent had since grand master flash krs one and dem

  • J Dot Carter

    Boosie hold ya head ya heard me!!! We out here in Kuwait riding out to yo music. AND MARK…lil markie mark…you can eat a d*ck talking that dumb sh*t! We waiting on you out here Bad Azz! FREE BOOSIE!

  • Dub K

    them 4 jailbird niggas shower and sleep with lots of other men 24- 7 now….no pussy gettin faggits…keep that dickriden sucker locked up till he die, when he convicted of murder ….you support this shitbag ….then you suck too…. his music sucks…they got you son…you done nigga… you aint oJ….you aint gettin away with murder punk…detroit all day

  • joseph verrett


  • joseph verrett

    this is jo you already no and i heard you was in jall and i was like i was sock to now that so im about to tell you lilbossie you always got god in your life and dont forget it you heard me and thats real homie because you have kids and i feel that and that why when you get out of jall i want you to keep your self cean because i care about you besides i want to be just like you and thats no lie about that and PS here from you soon

  • Dynasty Schattilly

    FREE BOOSIE #Salute Real Nigga

  • Lovely

    Whoever talking down on Boosie , is jst HATERS . Everybody makes mistakes ; it’s LIFE . The shit Boosie spit is the “TRUTH” Fuck what ya’ll haters have to say . Suck a dick & die quick<– all you HATERS . Keep your head up Boosie<33

  • http://xxlnews big tony

    what up boosie real recognize real and u a real motherfuckin nigga fuck the haters eat a dick all day u comin home soon nigga keep your head up im a old nigga 39 i fucks with u
    from washington dc.

  • hamilton

    Everyone who is hating on this man is lame as hell. Lil Boosie has made some of the hardest and most realest songs from day one. As far as this murder shit he will beat this the evidence they got it laughable basically they just got ole dumb ass saying that boosie told him to do the murder but now he says the police made him say that. Man Boosie gonna beat this watch. Free Boosie you gotta love this nigga the man got classics. And its soo funny cus the same people who say boosie music suck favorite rapper is drake, and they like justin beber too.

  • tomika madison

    that nigga talking bout they look like the 4heartbeats i say they look like some real ass niggas and FREE BOOSIE…fuck that nigga mark who talking down on a real ass black man..

  • http://facebook jalen

    i send prayers

  • robert

    mane lil boosie nd webbie is my to fav real nigga and mark you got em fuk up

  • Bradly

    AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Rosa parks belonged at the back of the fuckin bus bitches!

  • sweetheart

    FREE LIL BOOSIE his songs are beast they go hard and he better then lil wayne .

  • west cook

    boosie do yo thing man come home soon dont let no one fuck that up. stay humble why yu in there so yu can get to yo FAMILY FIRST! first and for most. im outta south central and i know yo kind i know some folks in yo family cuz my great granny came up in yo area. we gone connect though may god bless you and yo family

  • west cook

    eastside BR es polk st hayley fam keep ya head up hatch fam


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