Kobe Bryant’s Hottest 24 Potential Rebound Chicks

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    Kobe Bryant's Hottest 24 Potential Rebound Chicks
    Kobe Bryant may be used to winning. But he's about to lose a lot of money due to his divorce settlement with wife Vanessa Bryant. Legal experts tell the <em>Los Angeles Times</em> that the LA Lakers superstar will lose at least $75 million of his $150 million net worth to Vanessa in the settlement. But all's not lost, with the divorce comes freedom. Well, it's not like Kobe wasn't enjoying his freedom before. Vanessa accused him of having an affair with over 100 different women. But now, Kobe's free to ball like a dog. To help the NBA superstar, <i>XXL</i> has compiled this list of 24 of the hottest chicks KB could rebound with. Why 24? To match his number of course. Ball so hard!—<em>XXL Staff</em>
  • 1027FBE JO004
    <b>Kim Kardashian</b><p>Kobe’s former teammate Lamar Odom got Khloe, but why not go for the marquee Kardashian?</p>
  • 6a00d8341c630a53ef0147e2ab1ee6970b-600wi
    <b>Shaunie O'Neal</b><p>Yeah, hoop fans have seen Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant bury the hatchet publicly on a few different occasions, but there’s no love lost there. Let’s be serious. Kobe could extract the ultimate revenge on his former teammate by scooping up Shaq’s ex-wife. Evil!</p>
  • Brandy-08222011
    <b>Brandy</b><p>Kobe did take her to the prom...</p>
  • 40th NAACP Image Awards - Red Carpet
    <b>Sanaa Lathan</b><p>Ms. Lathan shot down rumors of her and Kobe going 1-on-1, but should Kobe keep attempting shots?</p>
  • Jessica Burciaga 01
    <b>Jessica Burciaga</b><p>This Playboy Playmate - and dead ringer for Jennifer Lopez - was one of the 106 rumored chicks that Kobe allegedly cheated on his wife with.</p>
  • carmen-bryan-its-no-secret-3-big
    <b>Carmen Bryan</b><p>Nas did diss him on “These Are Our Heroes” years back and revenge is a dish best served cold.</p>
  • lg1112_dara_gallery5
    <b>Laker Girl</b><p>Two words why...easy access.</p>
  • media--image-520617-article-ajust_650
    <b>Rihanna</b><p>She’s at the Laker games quite often anyway. Why not holla?</p>
  • tyra-banks
    <b>Tyra Banks</b><p>They already hooked up in the studio, making the lackluster track, “K.O.B.E.“ Perhaps they can rekindle their relationship and advance it. Outside the studio, this time, please.</p>
  • teairra-mari
    <b>Teairra Mari</b><p>She’s single, sexy and free.</p>
  • sheneka-adams-16-610x824
    <b>Sheneka Adams</b><p>If Sheneka’s sex game is as good as her sex advice on Sex Talk With Sheneka Adams segment on <i>XXLMag.com</i>, then Kobe maybe looking at a winner.</p>
  • Scarlett-Johansson-Sexy-Pose-1-1152x864
    <b>Scarlett Johansson</b><p>Why Scarlett? She's super hot! That's why.</p>
    <b>Rosa Acosta</b><p>Rosa could stretch out Kobe before and after games.</p>
  • melyssa-ford-028-01
    <b>Melyssa Ford</b><p>Has Kobe driven a Ford lately? This one is arguably the hottest Eye Candy ever.</p>
  • Kelly-Rowland-Hot-Complex
    <b>Kelly Rowland</b><p>Maybe all Kobe needs is that wifey type. There aren’t many that fit that bill more than Kelly Rowland.</p>
  • Jessica_White
    <b>Jessica White</b><p>Hottest model in the game? Quite possibly.</p>
  • idolb
    <b>Paula Abdul</b><p>If Kobe’s looking for that old money, he can holla at Paula Abdul. She is a former Laker girl.</p>
  • EbL9
    <b>Meagan Good</b><p>Ms. Meagan still looks oh so Good.</p>
  • alexis-glick
    <b>Reporter Alexis Glick</b><p>She already gushed over KB during an interview with the superstar a few years back.</p>
  • basketball-wives
    <b>Jennifer Williams (From VH1's Basketball Wives)</b><p>Kobe can make her an <i>official</i> basketball wife again.</p>
  • Angela Simmons in Bikini
    <b>Angela Simmons</b><p>Kobe has a dynasty with a hand full of NBA championship rings. Angela Simmons has her own with businesses.</p>
  • 04000000
    <b>Dania Ramirez</b><p>Would keep Kob' on his A-game.</p>
  • 2179,xcitefun-megan-fox-fhm-june-7
    <b>Meagan Fox</b><p>Kobe gotta keep that White girl, [no Christina Aguillera]. </p>
  • 2mi62abrf5vkm265
    <b>Stacey Dash</b><p>There are few women on this earth that ooze more sex appeal than Stacey Dash.</p>

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  • jesterxxl

    Shit son I thought Jessica was Jennifer as soon as I turned over… If Kobe don’t land Burciaga he should make a move for Lopez & where the fuck is Eva Longoria at?

  • Mikey F Baby

    ScarJo! If not, Megan Fox (check ur spelling) or Stacey Dash

  • Pacer

    M’fin LOL @ Paula Abdul aka “Old Money”


  • kukluxswag

    LOL BLK Mamba takes it all!!