With so many getting into trouble with tax issues, one rapper has finally gotten out of hot water. Jermaine Durpi recently paid off all of his hefty lien, according to TMZ.

Dupri reportedly owed nearly $500,000 in unpaid back taxes from 2007. Initially, he was on the hook for roughly half of that amount—$254,782.64—but because of his delay in paying back the government, other charges piled on, and he ended up owing nearly double the initial amount. The additional fees, according to TMZ, included $91,721.75 for interest, a $64,969.57 penalty, a $82,294.79 collection free, and $50 for costs. The total came in at $493,818.75.

Later last year, the rapper/producer faced other problems, when his Lamborghini Marcielago, worth $330,000, was repossessed, and the company that gave him a loan for the vehicle was claiming that he owed them $80,000. —Adam Fleischer