Jay-Z’s NYC 40/40 Club Shuts Down for Health Code Violations Day After Reopening

A day after celebrating its reopening, Jay-Z’s New York City 40/40 sports bar shut down for health code violations on Friday (January 20).

According to the New York Post, the club was shut down for a slew of health-code violations; an inspector found perishable food at warm temperatures inside the walk-in refrigerator and discovered “hot” food left out on the counter on Thursday (January 19), the day of the star-studded affair, Health Department sources said. A worker was also seen mixing salsa with his bare hands. (Check out a timeline of the 40/40 reopening event here.)

All the hot foods should be at least 140 degrees, sources told the paper. The club’s restaurant was immediately closed once the violations were discovered but was reopened on Saturday (January 21) once the problems were corrected.

Ron Berkowitz, a rep for the club, told TMZ on Saturday (January 21) the motor in one of the refrigerators blew just moments before the health inspector arrived, causing the temperature in the fridge to rise. Berkowtiz says the staff too notice to the issue immediately and had no intention of serving the food from that fridge until it was fixed. Consequently, the refrigerator was fixed by noon the next day and the club reopened.

Still, the 40/40 club received  69 violation points, more than the 28 needed for a worst-possible “C” grade, and they’ll be adjudicated at a hearing next month.—Gina Montana

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  • Mikey F Baby

    nasty son. Better off just grabbing a drink there, instead of food poisoning

  • crooklynite

    wonder how many people caught the runs that nite or the next day..niggas walkin around with shitty streaks on their underwear.

  • grassisgreener

    It is very distrubing the amount of scrutiny any enterprise, entity or artist associated with Jay-Z receives. Any business he is even remotely associated with is constantly under the microscope. His relationships, business and personal, are subject to ridicule and conjecture, and anything even remotely negative is exacerbated in an attempt to descredit and disparage all of this young Black man’s considerable accomplishments. This man should be given credit for all that he’s done, and instead of trying to tear him down at every turn, he should be held up as an example of hard work, intelligence and business savvy. Every time I turn around mainstream media is applauding and highlighting the success and philanthropy of White celebrities like George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt et al. Jay-Z has done as much, if not more, than these figures. Young men and women from impoverished circumstances should be inspired by his rise to prominence not just in music but in international business circles. For goodness sake, this man is a friend and associate of Warren Buffett. Unfortunately, the “hip hop” media typically reports on those stories that cast him in a bad light. You guys have even gone so far as to perpetuate outright falsehoods about how he has become so successful (“Jay-Z is part of Illuminati?”). This is muckraking at its finest and has been reserved for one of the most succesful young Black men of our time. WHY? Oh yeah, he’s a young successful Black man. I get it now

    • Racist

      Dude, white people get their restaurants shut down all the time too. So does every race.

      Fuck outta here. His restaurant got 69 violations. No one was picking on him you racist asshole. Black people are such fuckin victims sometimes. Smfh.

      • Jugular Kill

        @Racist. You don’t even understand what 69 violations means.

        e.g. “hot” food left out on the counter

        It’s typical though to be honest he was targeted, food inspectors NEVER come round on first/ second days.

        Do you know when they come round that soon? When they’re called.

        Do you understand that people were previously mad at him over the contract work for the club and they were protesting with racist signs and chanting racist things about Jay-Z.

        Ofcourse someone who don’t like 4040 or Jay called the food safety ppl.

        Yes he violated though the hype is due to racism as the whole eipsode of the 4040 scenario contained racism from white people calling Jay a NIGGER.

        White people are such fuckin villains sometimes. Smfh.

  • chef

    @jugular hill. health inspectors never announce their arrival. its protocol for them to be there on the first day to check all your stuff is up to code. its standard for all opening and re openings. Jay z’s chef dropped the ball. not jay z.

    Also, cooler breaking just minutes before the inspector got there? walkins take some time to warm up to dangerous levels. must have been broken all day.

    has nothing to do with race. and all you guys have proven is that we Americans have soooo much hate.

  • oSKINO

    it’s not a race thing… it’s a RAP thing. Oprah, Denzel, Tyler Perry all get the credit & Kudos they deserve… Jay-Z represents everything thiis country can’t stand. An uneducated, drug dealing, Ghetto Youth… who blew up making rebel music… learned amoungst the business magnates quickly, and is becoming one of the BIGGEST names in music, and wealth… they can’t stand that a RAPPER is doing it so BIG