Common Calls Drake Out On New Dis Track

Common doesn’t want to trade subliminals with Drake. Instead, the Chi-town MC is calling Drizzy out directly in his latest dis track.

“My motto is Chicago bitch/Everybody know you sweet, what the problem is?” Common begins firing at Drake over Rick Ross’s “Stay Schemin’” instrumental, the same track Drizzy took subliminal shots at Common on before.

“Don’t play dumb, I’m the one that acknowledged it/Son of a bitch, I imagine what your father is/She said, ‘How you make your opponent, the rapper of the moment his style he don’t own it?’/Acting all hard, when he hardly like that/[Singing] You gonna mess around and make me catch a body like that, owww.”

Common continued his verse with:

“Don’t do it ’cause every song you make is really ho music/I heard you say you wasn’t a bitch cause you sing, you a bitch cause you clean like a bitch that’s 18,” he continues. “Can’t say my name but rap about a nigga’s wife/you so Black and White trying to live a nigga’s life/I’m taking too long with this amateur guy, you ain’t wettin’ nobody, nigga, you Canada Dry.”

After the verse, Common says, “make no mistake, I’m talking about Drake,” adding “it’s the remix: Rick Ross, Common and that ho-ass nigga.” The track ends with the Destiny Child’s chorus off “Say My Name.” “Say my name, say my name, when no one is around… you acting kinda shady, why the sudden change?… Better say my name,” Beyoncé’s voice is heard harmonizing.

This record comes on the heels of Drake’s subliminal verse aimed at Common on the official version of the same Rick Ross’ record. On the track, Aubrey raps:

“It bothers me when the Gods get to acting like the broads/Guess every team doesn’t come complete with n*ggas like ours,” Drake raps. “That’s why I see no need to compete with n*ggas like y’all/I just ask that when you see me you speak up n*ggas that’s all/Don’t be ducking like you never wanted nothing/It’s feeling like rap changed/There was a time it was rugged/Back when, if a nigga reached, it was for the weapon/Nowadays niggas reach, just to sell they record.”

Although the origins of this beef are not clear, rap fans are buzzing that it stems over Serena Williams, Common’s ex-girlfriend and rumored fling of Drake’s. —Jakinder Singh

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    CHI-TOWN STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’12!!

  • theman

    common is a hip hop legend with a number of classic albums and tracks and has had beef with real niggas like ice cube and westside connection how can he have beef with a little rich Jewish child actor from the suburbs another example of what hip hop has become

    • JugularKill


      Common is not trying to sell records on beef he is worth more than Drake.

      Common made a song about a rapper “no one in particular” being sweet. Drake took the crown.

      Now drake wanna act hard.

      This is a mild response,
      Common is vicious, he has the ability to do an ether twice as bad as what Nas did to Jay.

      You can hear the way Common goes in, it’s with that “boy stop” attitude.

      (don’t hide behind those other rappers)
      (catch a body like that awwww)
      (can’t say my name but rap about a niggas wife)
      (You can’t run behind them)

      The one thing I love about common….

      Weak niggaz call it bullying, real niggas call it hip hop.

  • Dortiz

    I love both Common & Drake, both have great respected careers. I just don’t understand why Common is going at him. Drake does everything right in hip hop especially being a young guy his lyrics aren’t garbage, his delivery is great (not saying he is the best) & he has mass appeal. I just don’t understand why there is a problem?

    • jfl11

      buddy… Drake went at him first. get your shit together lol

    • Jay Rock

      fuck Drake one of hiphop’s most overrated rappers ever, he should feel honored getting lyrically devoured by Common

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    DAYUM!!!!!!!!! Canada Dry? DAYUM! BLAM! Over

  • deuce

    Common ripped lil sweet drake,,lmfao i luv it..

  • 804boy

    the battle of the light skin guys lol, but naw drake verse was good, but common’s was better. waiting to hear what drake’s response will be. i hope drake says sumn bout erykah’s power u making common dress all wied, or how he hit serena or sumn.

  • Live1ne

    Drake should’ve stayed in his lane and continued 2 rap 4 the bitches cuz he done fucked up now. Like everybody else already knows Common is a vet and he’s battled tested. Aubrey? Really?

  • JL

    This shit is so stupid. Common is acting like the BITCH he’s calling Drake. They both have bitch tendencies.

    I do like that Common called Drake out for:
    A. Trying act hood and tough when he’s not and
    B. For calling out Vanessa Bryant but never saying a niggas name in his song(Common). It’s the same way he shit talked Lil Kim but ain’t say nothing to Ray-J. Drakes a bitch for calling out women but can’t step to other men. Who takes shot at a NBA players wife?

    What I didn’t like is him taking shots at Drake for being biracial. The fuck that got to do with anything? Common is light as hell and for sure has white relatives. Also for taking shots at Drake for singing. AND? Doesn’t your G.O.O.D Music partner Kanye sing? ALL THE TIME? Didn’t he make a whole album singing with autotune? Kinda like Jay taking shots at T-Pain but giving Ye a pass too.

    He’s just looking for attention and fame off Drake and thinks he’s an easy target. Wayne sings too but he ain’t go at him and if it’s over Serena that’s even more BITCHMADE!

    • sup doe?

      Even tho Drake brought up venessa bryant, what does that even have to do with common?

      • JL

        @sup doe What are you talking about? Did you not listen to the song? Vanessa Bryant has to do with Common because he called Drake out for talking about a niggas wife.

        @Alan I don’t know what you talking about. Common has dissed other rappers out of jealously all the time. No rapper or singer wan’ts to be a failure so to say he don’t care about sales and awards is bullshit especially since his album just came out and that’s what I meant by he wants attention. No one gave a shit till he started talking about Drake. Think logically about what? Common dissed Drake and Drake shot back. FOH. Everyones know Sweet was about him what’s to explain?

    • Alan

      I couldn’t disagree with you more. This all started because Drake listened to everyone around him BUT the source who is Common. Common never had the time to comment on the song before Drake, being sensitive, went on stage and called Common out. sorry but your argument isn’t valid. Common could care less about Drakes success…a lot of records sold and awards doesn’t mean you’re great…even though we would like to believe that. But think logically about this.

      • somewordsetc

        Obviously every1s guna say i’m a faggot and their guna kill me and i can’t come 2 their hood- but really and truely whatever common said u would’ve rated it. I’ve been down since like water, but common is acting like a bitch. He started it by out of nowhere saying that sweet is directed at drake- (the week his albums due to come out weird) then drake let it slide. but common just kept it up. B honest, in radio interviews he’s more likely to talk about drake than his album (and his album is easily top 5 of d year) he’s mad cos drake took his girl, which is the same sort of bitch move common would accuse drake of. and what’s with all this black and white hate? he’s supposed 2 b this conscious rapper yet he sounds as ignorant as every other rapper all his fans say he’s above (+ he def needs 2 look in d mirror). + the way u lot are talking ud think this was the most amazing diss ever, canada dry really? this guy buried westside connection, and he says canada dry? zzzzzzzzzzzz. drakes talking how serena’s telling him commons secrets and he says canada dry- yh common got him for sure. I’m pretty sure drake is no gangsta, and maybe in a scrap he is a bitch- but if commons so great why don’t u just ignore bitches and get money?

  • tolerence

    drake better leave common the fuck alone!!!!

  • Mikey F Baby

    Serena Willaims. ? They both take an L for that one.

    Anyway, Drake gets him on the comeback I’m sure.

  • the1987kid

    Everybody is missing the point, Lets stick to the topic at hand which is who ripped who verse for verse. Common torn this nigga’s head off hands down, everything he said was truthful & everyone knows it so lets not get side tracked with trivial things such as serna williams, who crew sings the most cause Common is talking about Drake not young money or anybody else. I see this as a simple hip-hop tac for tac, if Drake calls himself the best then he has to prove he’s the best this is hip-hop not pop music (even though thats what it has become) So lets stick the point of the songs & who out rapped who. Common won without a question!

    • bermy

      Dumb fuck their crew is relevant, your crew is ALWAYS relevant in Hip Hop beef(Tupac and the Outlawz vs Biggie and Junior Mafia/Bad Boy…Ja Rule and Murder Inc. vs 50cent and G-Unit and the list goes on) especially when you calling out a nigga for singing when your boss do that shit all the time. Taking shots at your crew is apart of it but Common don’t want it with all of YMCMB say what you want about them but it’s true. He knows Drakes soft and won’t do shit but the niggas he run with is a different story. Drake had a few lines for Common not a whole song so verse for verse can’t be compared until Drake really responds. Common didn’t torn nothing calling him a ho, soft, talking about his race and all ain’t shit. That wasn’t even that hot. We’ll see what Aubrey has say then we can compare. That subliminal shit don’t count.

  • Murda

    Commons verse was pure trash… Old man raps are not poppin’ anymore… I love his new album, but this ain’t ’96 no more, Common doesn’t have another “Bitch in Yoo” in him… Sorry

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      @LAMEAZZ MURDA-he just spit it…Lame. Stop drinking milf fool and eat some meat! This grown man ISH!

  • Dre SD

    Common ripped Drake a new asshole, period.

  • geromeinglewood310

    Common gonna Ice cube him!!! Remember the bitch in you…….Thats the problem with these new niggas thinking that rap music started with them. SMH. Thats the biggest form of disrespect, bigger than talking shit and not saying to who its directed too. SMFH. Stay Schemin Nigga!

  • peter phillips

    Yes, the beef is stupid… but i dont understand why people saying common better than drake..Ok Yes, Common is a vet in the game,but hes not a legend hes an ok rapper.Im not saying i dont like common, but Drake a wayyyy better rapper and artist than common anyday.

  • King Kgomotso

    Common shouldnt have even started. i thought he was bigger than that at this stage of his career. Drake should have let it slide as well.
    beef is stupid

  • westcoastin

    Drake’s a Ho ass nigga who couldn’t pull a trigga Common the !!!!!!!!!

  • Nehemiah

    Fuck Aubrey! Fake needs to stop before he get put in a wheelchair for real and not just on a show! Drizzle is faker than Pam Anderson’s chest! lol