Birdman Comments on Drake and Common’s Beef

With Drake using “Stay Schemin,” released Friday (January 6), to respond to Common’s shots at him on “Sweet,” and then Com following up yesterday (January 9) with his own lyrical darts on that same “Stay Schemin” beat, it doesn’t look like the spat between the two is slowing down any time soon.

While on Power 106 in Los Angeles recently, Birdman spoke with host Big Boy about his take on the beef.

“Drake the homie, so we ride or die,” the Cash Money CEO explained. “Ain’t no second questions about that. But we’ve never been a brand to make records and wanna make records and make money off of making records of other people. That’s not what we ‘bout. So, to me, however the young homie deal with it, we behind him and we supporting him 100% with our life. So that’s just how it is. Ain’t no other way. Drake the little homie. That’s blood; that’s family. And ain’t no siding with that. It’s Drake or nothing.”

As for whether or not Birdman himself would be getting on wax to contribute, the New Orleans native quickly dismissed any such notion. “We don’t do all that,” he affirmed. “We never did that. Never was about making money off of making music off of dis records.”

Instead, he says, he and his Cash Money/Young Money team are focused on making the best music possible for their fans.

“When you get caught up in that, to me, you forget what this about,” he continued. “And it’s about the people. And that’s what we do. We do our music for the people. We never been a brand for the dis and the dis records and tryna make money.

“But Drake the homie and we support him fully,” Baby concluded. “Whatever he bout, we bout, and however that turn out, that’s just what it is.”

In related news, after revealing to that he planned on signing two more artists to his roster, Baby recently announced the signing of two new acts: former American Idol contestant Chris Richardson and singer/songwriter PJ Morton.

Birdman also told XXL that signees Busta Rhymes and Mystikal are set to release albums in May while Tyga, Nicki Minaj and Lil Twist are also slated to drop LPs this year.  —Adam Fleischer

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  • http://facebook wlliamscurtiscarter

    #1 stunna


      Maybe Common should side with 40 glocc since 40 punked birdman and wayne on you tube and they didnt wanna get into no street shit lol. These dudes are all soft. And Im sorry but common is cool and all but westside connection handed him his ass back in the day. I dont care what anyone thinks.

      • RealNaptown

        Man please, Coomon tore Westside a new one on “The B*tch in U”. Cube back in the day was a beast but lyrically cant touch Common and neither can Drake.

  • Sean Izzle

    He shouldve just rubbed his hands together and said: Hmmmm We keep in one hunnid No.1 Stunna Whooo Kemosabe Big Money heavyweight hate on that

    • mutada mullah atari

      That comment was funny as hell thanks for the laugh after a long day of meeting with clients and long meetings lol

    • CaponeMOB

      @ sean izzle nigga you must be a birdman fan or some shit.cuz you NAILED IT.hahaahahah thats some shit he would actually say.
      now go to you tube and post the same comment. im a PRE-the carter BABY/birdman fan. i like his business mind and he just keeps it hood.he dont need to conform to society by wearing suits and ties for BIG money meetings. and just went crazy with tha tattoo’s on his face. you dont see alotta business men that look like him. they mostly look like jay-z.
      he OUT-hustled russel simmons,P.diddy,master p.damon dash,
      J.prince,suge knight…ect and i respect him for that. but he fucked up when he started claiming that blood shit. he already was an OG he dint have to claim that bullshit.

      • Jack Tripper

        he fucked up when he started claiming that blood shit. he already was an OG he dint have to claim that bullshit
        It just goes to show that he really wasn’t an OG. Just cause you have money that don’t make you tough.

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Drake-we don’t believe you, you need more people! Baby knows his cash cow just got pimp slapped!

  • Brand-New

    Whenever i listen to Common i feel half gay, whenever i listen to Drake i feel fully gay…dumbest beef ever, they both lose by default.

    • NiggasAreStupid

      ^^ What is wrong with being gay my intolerant friend?
      Was your ghetto education not sufficient to rid your pathetic mind of such attitudes? Think you are ‘hood’ or ‘tough’ don’t you. Ignorance I am told is bliss and you are blissfully unaware of your mental poverty.

    • CaponeMOB

      @ brand new. theres nothing even half gay about common. i dont know what the fuck you talking about. IN FACT common is more street then your favorite gangsta rapper. he used to be down with a notorious south side chicago street gang, when he was young.and that right there gives him more street cred then,rick ross,lil wayne, the game,drake. and any other fake ass blood rapper. and he doesnt even brag about it. PLUS he had the audacity to go at a young famous rapper like drake. which I KNOW for a FACT alotta niggaz are already tired of his garbage emo singing. plus common is a living legend i dont know why even diss the nigga when everything he’s saying is the truth any ways. i’ll side with a veteran rapper that could actually spit any day. yall just a bunch of sad misinformed bitches.

  • Brand-New

    Wow! You are so right! I’ll be sure to set up a meeting with Louis Farrakhan and G.L.A.D. when my enslaved mind gets around to it.

    • RealTalk

      They are right you sound dumb as hell. Common is 10 times harder than the fakest gangsta rapper out today. Common is a true M.C . Step your game up and really educate yourself when it comes to what you believe!

  • alderman j



    Whats wrong with being gay, I can’t believe a mtf asked that!
    Firstly by being gay you are ungrateful for the joyfulness of love making and babymaking, which translates to being ungrateful for your life, you scumbag. Wots wrong with being gay, get out of here man, you bannished.
    Can mab and man make babies, thats wots flippin wrong moron.

  • Sha

    As I said before…. This is a beef between Roc Nation/Good Music and Young Money. Baby just confirmed it. Both Jay-Z and Baby refuse to comment directly. Instead they prefer to move disdain through their chess pieces. Drake is a chess piece. Common is a chess piece.

    And as far as Birdman’s team saying that they don’t respond to beef? That’s complete B.S. What has Drake been doing? How about all of the subliminal stuff coming from Weezy directed at Jigga? How about Nicki spittin’ at Lil Kim?

    I hate f*ckin’ liars…..

    • mistahwyles

      i get what u r saying but common is on warner brothers records now that definitely would’ve made sense if common was still signed with kanye but they are still gonna make music together

      • Sha


        Oh no?

        Taken directly from MTV today….

        “It’s well-known knowledge that Common and Drake aren’t exactly the best of friends right now. But their camps haven’t been seeing eye to eye for quite some time. Pusha T appears to be taking shots at Drake on his recent “Sweet” and “Don’t F— With Me” freestyles, all over the beats of Common’s “Sweet” and Drake’s “Dreams Money Can Buy.”

        Lil Wayne and Jay-Z have been exchanging competitive subliminal shots for a while now, but those shots delivered last year on The Throne’s “H.A.M” and Wayne’s “It’s Good” were probably the most talked about. Kanye West and Drake even seem to be taking jabs at each other, first on DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One,” (I’m just feelin’ like the Throne is for the takin’/ Watch me take it) and then The Throne’s “Otis” (I adopted these n—as/ Philip Drummond them/ Now, I’m about to make them tuck they whole summer in). ”

        I guess I’m not the only one….

  • truth720

    1st off, i strongly believe this is a very good fight. although i think com’s tryna bully lil man, who don’t really want no dram, but they forcing his hand. however driz ain’t no shook one, but com’s a vet in this. he done brought it to big cube, mack 10 n da westside,etc.. has street cred, well educated n luv’d by the hood, plus a revolutionary mc. his side kicks are mos def, talib,nas,monch,ye,and rthe dude’s official as shit!
    but now u’ve got the young n gifted drake. although he soft, dat doesn’t exclude him from being a lyricist. although 99% of his fans wear high heels, does not mean he can not throw down in the ring.the kid is fucking witty as shit! nowme, i’m an 80′s baby, grew up offa the R,slick rick, with kane n em!
    but 90′s music has my heart with the wu, bcc, QB! this is like the tyson lennox fight in a way. as much as i’d luv for tyse to win, but i honestly believe young drizzy might actually get him!
    real talk! n i’m a devoted com fam! shit, da nigga even did the fucking video in my home country of haiti! so its not like i wouldn’t want common to bash him in the grill lyrically, n its not that i don’t believe dat com is not capapable of even winning. its dat its not his time anymore, n drake ain’t having dat! its like a wrestling match with mr.perfect and mr. wonderful. o.g vs youngin!
    its gud 4 hip hop n all, but i really believe like all these fucking ancient wars n all,(ref: braveheart) i believe these niggas is fighting ova a fucking chick! mainly my man com!
    well its wateva, i’m still rolling wit com, but its like u know ur man in the wrong, but u still ryding right by his side! fuck it!

  • Brand-New

    @CaponeMOB I could care less how “street” he was or is and as far as my favorite gangsta rapper is?! Last time I had a favorite gangsta rapper Yo MTV raps was still on the air. Common’s catalog is bland, boring,and overrated. It has nothing to with how “gangsta” he was. I was a huge fan of Native Tongues, and P.E.and they put out the SAME message Common does without putting you to sleep. I used to respect Common, but thats gone now.

    • NegroPlease

      Common new joint is classic material. I cant stand when people who obviously dont real know hip hop start making ridiculous statements. And nigga you know yo ass was probably still in the nut sack when Yo MTV Raps was on!

  • The King

    Common should pay Moses the rock he owes him, half dead rapper. I love the ladies and Drake bring out the ladies. Common mad cause Drake stole his big name girl “Serena”. LOL. Tell Common to “Take Care” like the album said. With his old ass.

  • T-Rash

    “We don’t do all that,” he affirmed. “We never did that. Never was about making money off of making music off of dis records.”

    Anybody ever heard of a group called “UNLV” signed to Cash Money Records in the 90′s? Sold all their 200 units on the strength of a garbage ass diss song directed at Mystikal…

  • M, O, E.

    Good dy sr
    Please give me persion to use your movie,title cash money,am using the same scn to act the movie,in africa,we using native lnge,and pingin english only,we need sposorals,worldwild,ACT LIKE A god,message from,