Birdman Bets $5 Million That NFL’s New England Patriots Will Win Superbowl

If there was any doubt that Birdman had money, his $5 million bet on the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XLVI is far from “baby” money.

The #1 Stunna announced on Twitter that he was going to go with Tom Brady and The Patriots to beat the New York Giants in the rematch of Super Bowl XLII and avenge their only loss in a Super Bowl in the past decade.

Birdman, @BIRDMAN5STAR, tweeted, “I like New nephew play RB# 42.I’m Bet 5million 2 any tha Giants YMCMB.BabyMoney anybody kan Getit.”

Last year Birdman cleared $1 million on a bet that the Green Bay Packers would beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl. He was rumored to have immediately spent his winnings on a Maybach 62S Landaulet, which would set you back around $2 million. With Maybach recently announcing that it will be closing, where will Birdman spend his winnings if he was to win this time around? That’s still to be seen.

The Super Bowl will take place on February 5th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, and with tickets starting around $1,500, the Cash Money founder should be able to afford a seat to the year’s biggest sporting event. —Nicholas Sella

-Nicholas Sella

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  • net-wurk

    dis nigga gone wind up like hammer..

    • CaponeMOB

      im a birdman fan,but what is it with him tweeting like a dumb fucking teenager? the nigga is missing a letter and he caps lock some letters. and he writes CAN with a fuking K? and he doesnt use the fucking space key? his little son has to be the one tweeting for him,and im not talking about wayne,im talking about his REAL little son. and if in fact birdman is the one tweeting like that,that shows how birdman is despretly tryin to stay young,even though he’s already 42 yrs old.
      AND i think he’s going to loose his 5 million,the GIANTS ARE RED HOT right now and New England has the weaker defense
      plus the combination of victor cruz and manning is crazy right now. and last time they played each other in the Reg season the Giants won the game despite having a horrible defense early in the season. and statistics and history shows,that when 2 QB’s meet up for a re-match in the super bowl the first QB that won the first match up is goin to win again.

      the nigga BirdMan is crazy.

      • BR!NK

        it’s just a front

      • matty21

        agreed, basically a fact – they are Red Hot… but that week off could cause a cool off too… the Giants would be better off if they were playing this week, in my opinion… da week off will do something – positive or negative… at same time – this run is soo similar to the one in ’07/’08…and we know how that 1 turned out, soo… TBD

        and surprised New England is only giving 3points at the moment –> must mean the majority of the betting public is going opposite the Birdman and betting the Gmen

  • alderman j

    BIRDMAN is inspiration to all REAL niggas, He throws money out the window, because he worked had for it and he got more coming in!!! (CATCH UP NIGGAS) Its his he can spend it how he see fit!!! BET JIGGAMAN punk ass dont step up and take the bet!! BABYMONEY MY ASS!!!!!

    • Biggdoggxl

      Your and IDIOT to alderman J ackass!

  • Biggdoggxl

    Birdmans a fing idiot!!! We already know your rich but you just can’t spell!!bragging about betting 5 million on the a real BOSS and quit trying to act like you 22 instead of 42!stupid mf! You only were you at cause Wayne stuck with your dumb tattooed ass IDIOT! Everything banging right now is from youn money anyway not cash money!! All your acts are old and washed up just like you are! Let’s keep it 100 as you always say!people know Wayne is the real BOSS homie! You just along for the ride! Without Wayne cash money would be shit! Get your head out your ass BIrdman and take care of some hungry families out there! If I had that kind of money I would bet your ass cause the GIANTS are gonna smash the patriots! Believe that playboy!!

  • Royale

    What a clown. 5 million on a football game. Why not spend 5 million on your home town and help out those in need. You know how far that money could go. SMMFH

    • tp228

      cash money been having money since the 90s selling hunnids (hundreds) thousands of units 15 dollars off 19.99 cd 11 off 14.99 cassestte.. wayne hot people around the world buying they old shit 5 mill is play money.. BITCH PLAY u broke fucks ..twitter spelling you broke fuck got nothing better to do but cry and bitch.. wonder why yall hoes choose me man up bitch get it like they did no limit and cash money or any other competitve hustler do mcdonalds cry about wendys..

      • Biggdoggxl

        tp228,do you have 5 million to bet on a game?? That’s what I thought you ignorant fuck! It’s not about the hustle!it’s about the stupidity and ignorance this fool has! Do what you wanna do with your paper, just don’t brag about it!kids are starving in this world! Why don you donate 5 million and feed some families that need it!! Brag about something like that you stupid fucks!Ben Jarvis green sucks as a running back anyway!so go ahead playboy put up the 5million and watch the GIANTS crush NEW ENGLAND and your nephew! FYI: you talk a lot BABY so if you pull the trigger on the bet tweet the slip to prove it like Floyd may weather do!!


      I couldnt have said it any better.

  • castro

    lmao he luv his city so much y he bettin against the QB dat was born nd raised there smh

  • IbeBC

    Meanwhile in Africa…

    Remember kids money can buy you a lot of things intelligence however, is not one of those things.

  • West Philly

    Birdman claims he reps new orleans. Last time i checked people are still homeless from katrina,and he wants to give five million away. How many families can he affect with that money, and give them a gift they would never forget(you can purchase alot of one hundred thousand$ homes for five mil). Nobody will remember the color of your new maybach or how many diamonds you have in your necklace in about a year from now. You make us n***az look bad with all that fake stuntin. At least Jay Z got fresh running water to villages in Africa.

  • raskoeonescla

    Busta ass Baby gone lose! He gay just like Wayne and Jigga.

  • Tbone

    if birdman babysat kriss Kross ….2 outta 3 niggas would end up with blownout assholes

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