Birdman and Brother Slim Appear in Court for Rape Case

Brian “Birdman” Williams along with his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams reported to court this week to answer to allegations of rape by an employee of Cash Money Records, according to Alfred Cleveland has been charged with the assault.

The victim, Nicole Westmoreland, filed charges after what was supposed to be an opportunity for her to make a business presentation. Westmoreland stated, “I was followed into the bathroom, forced inside and I was raped.” She says that she was “exposed to illegal drugs and explicit sexual activity” right before she was assaulted.

Westmoreland identified Alfred Cleveland as the rapist. He was later arrested by authorities and taken into custody. When interrogated, he told authorities he was an employee of Cash Money Records. Cleveland received jail time through a negotiated plea bargain.

Westmoreland’s attorney, Charles Hodges, has filed a civil lawsuit pending against Cash Money Records on her behalf. She says that her life was threatened by reps of the record label and was offered $100,000 not to go to the police, but she refused. Westmoreland added that she was told “if I didn’t drop it that they were going to kill me.”

Westmoreland says that she felt suicidal as a result of this incident and was forced to seek treatment at a mental facility. She testified, “I believe that Brian Williams and Ronald Williams had to know that the rapist was dangerous.”

Cash Money Record’s attorney, Jim Cox, denies the claims and says that Cleveland is just a friend and not an employee.

Damages being sought by Westmoreland are unspecified. –Chanel Clark

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  • The Homie



    • gettin cheeks

      shut ur dumb ass up

      • mistah dub

        way to b a rude ignorant dude i mean seriously a woman got raped thats not cool and young money makes nothing but bullshit music anyway shit i know Death Row records was corrupt look where Suge went Birdman might be next and honestly im sick of him he sucks ass in every way

    • CaponeMOB

      you dumb niggaz that haved comment on here so far are stupid as FUCK. like the bitch my NOT be a gold digger? looking for an easy pay day? and the bitch said that baby and slim HAD to know cleveland was dangerous? may be so,but to what extent?
      he might shoot some body? he might rob some body? how are they suppose to know what niggaz are the rapist? so if i work for wal-mart,and i rape my female BOSS,wal-mart should be held accountable for my actions? EVEN though they did an extensive criminal background and they dint find shit on me?this shit smells funny to me. i would of sended my goons after the bitch too,if she was trying to jerk me, i rather settle this in the streets then in a court where they have so much compasion for female rape victims,and they dont give a fuck about rappers and they always paint a bad picture of hip-hop cuz of the dumb cunts like this bitch. if she’s actually lying though. and if it DID happend baby and slim should not be held accountable,she should just be happy that the rapist got locked up for it why you need baby’s and slim’s money for? CUZ she’s a fucking GOLD DIGGER. and birdman’s tattoo’s aint goin to help him in court either.

  • 4twenty3sixty5

    the homie why the fuck are you on xxl if you think hiphop should be banned ? go listen to some more bieber you punk ass bitch, fuck you even thinking saying shit like that

  • Not a hater just a fan with a honest critique

    If she was a gold digger she woud’ve tried to put it on baby but she didn’t she put it on some no name guy that doesn’t even work there he just said he did he was the one that brought cash money into the whole thing. 1 and 6 girls have been raped an thats only the half that get reported its more then likely she’s telling the truth and remember mystical’s situation. shits fucked up it doesn’t matter if the guy gets locked up and she gets a nice pay day the suffering the poor women had to indoor she said it made her feel suicidal somebody have some compassion and respect for the woman please.

    • sas

      It really doesent matter in this society though, if you have money you get off court as long as its not high class murder or some huge shit fuck young money and their whole crew ill take wanye in a cage see i dont fuck him up.

    • CaponeMOB

      @ Not a hater just a fan with a honest critique

      she dint gp after BABY and accused him of rape,you know why?
      cuz baby has the GWAP, all the finacial resources in the world to buy a GREAT DEFENSE, with that type of money he could bring Johnnie Cochran back from the dead to defend him in court., ya dig? johnnie was OJ simpsons lawyer for you young niggaz that dont know. and you said it your self,she went after a nobody, and he CANT afford a a high price lawyer,so its easier to cop a plea. and LIKE i said dude is already in prison what else she wants? when some female gets raped in the streets,and the rapist gets caught,do they give the victim money? the victims are just happy to see the rapist in prison,but this female wants that CASH MONEY$$$

  • Brand-New

    If she is a gold digger then why did her attacker cave in to a plea deal? Innocent people being accused of rape don’t take plea deals for a lighter sentence, they fight the case.

    • ghost_town2k9

      I believe that this girl is a gold diggerr. If someone other than Birdman and Slim raped her, she need to just be prosecuting that person. why esle would she go after Birdman and slim if she is not a Gold Digger! MF need to work and get there money like most people do, instead of using other people for theirs!

      • $yk

        “Westmoreland identified Alfred Cleveland as the rapist. He was later arrested by authorities and taken into custody. When interrogated, he told authorities he was an employee of Cash Money Records. Cleveland received jail time through a negotiated plea bargain.”

        ^ you skipped that WHOLE part dude…SMH….

  • http://facebook timah


  • VikeMick

    CaponeMOB:”you dumb niggaz that haved comment on here so far are stupid as FUCK.” ROFL HAHAHAHAHAHA did he really say that shit

  • Jholla

    the homie……..first off your on xxl (hip hop site). second, how u gone have a name like “the homie” and say hip hop should be banned, third you should be banned from XXL or saying anything ever again

  • A.I.

    As a black woman, I am appalled, but not surprise that we have only a few black men willing to step up to the plate of responsibility in “protecting” us sisters against the Alfred Cleveland’s of the world. This would be the correct thing to do instead of calling the victim a GOLD DIGGER. Therefore, I’d like to ask where are or where havt the REAL BLACK MEN gone? I mean the ones who really love US BLACK WOMEN, therefore, are willing to step out AND confront misogyny or hatred and mistrusts for women head on initiated by their male counterparts? This unfortunate dis-ease is just one issue KILLING our (black) families/communities and only TRUE AND REAL BLACK MEN are willing to confront this issue. I just have one question: WILL THE REAL BLACK MAN/MEN PLEASE STAND UP?

  • http://xxl twin 2

    rape is rape cut the nonsense out. This is not about gold digging this is a rape case now.